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I Love Jillian Michaels…I Hate Her Not Working Out

January 12, 2010

I love doing Jillian Michaels workout videos. I have 30 Day Shred, Banish Fat Boost Metabolism and No More Trouble Zones and they all kick my behind. I love that when I do her workout video I am working it big time. I sweat so much my shirt is drenched and it is dripping on to the floor; I turn red in the face like a radish that was sitting in the sun to long; I pant for air like I have blown balloons up for eight hours. All of this, because she “makes big promises”, and she “has to keep them”.


I hate that when I do a Jillian Michaels workout, I and Jillian’s two workout buddies are the only ones actually doing the entire workout. She starts out the warm up big, doing stretches and cardio so you everything is warmed up. That is great, because I do not want a stiff body while trying to do three more sets of jumping jacks. But as soon as the actual workout starts, she goes off to one of the girls! She does one push up, then moves on to the girls to show us the less and more advanced, as well as, proper ways of doing the moves. Okay, I get it-proper form. But, shouldn’t the trainer do the rest of the sets with me to make me want to do them? She claims she is the toughest, right? Not so tough when you don’t do the entire workout.

Alright, I will admit that for the two newer videos, Banish Fat and Trouble Zones, she does most of the entire workout. But an entire circuit-on both videos-she doesn’t even do. How can I stay motivated when she doesn’t do it? I have other workout videos, just as intense, that the trainer is doing the entire workout with me.

Also, for me, the No More Trouble Zones video did not make me hurt the next day. I had hyped this one up in my head, making it super hard and vicious-her kicking my butt to no-man’s-land and back. It wasn’t. It was a lot of core and arm work, which I did appreciate, but I get a better leg workout and more sweat from the 30 Day Shred video.

Jillian Michaels kicks butt like no other, and I love her for that. I go back to her videos; she is my trusty stand by. I love that she continually busts out the different moves, and makes time fly. But, I hate that when I need her-for support, encouragement, just plain butt kicking-to get me through her workouts, she is in back AGAIN telling me what I should/shouldn’t be doing. I want to follow her to my better, more fit and toner body. Not her workout buddies.

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