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I Love Biggest Loser…I Hate Promotions

January 13, 2010

I love the Biggest Loser. I love Bob, Jillian and Allison all helping to change peoples lives for the better. I love the sweat and in-your-face-no-b.s. of it all. I love to see the contestants sweating and working out on their way to greatness. I love the end when we get to see how much weight they have lost and how great they look. I love the competition of it all. 

I so seriously hate that Bob and Jillian (but, mostly Bob) promote, or hock if you will, products. What, commercials aren’t good enough? Seeing Bob make marinated cutlets and putting them into Ziplock baggies; watching the contestants exercising with the Wii Biggest Loser game; Bob telling Americas Chosen One last season to chew Extra gum instead of eating…Bob, we all know to do that, don’t act all caring and concerned while telling her to do it. Watching Jillian show people how to use the Brita Water Filter. Um, duh, fill the pitcher and there you go. 

My biggest argh moment was watching the contestants leave for a week and go home and show their families how to order healthy at Subway. Or as they are having heart-to-heart moments at the dining room tables eating their Subway sandwiches with the sign prominently displayed. 

People do not join or watch Biggest Loser so you can tell them what is healthy at Subway; they have done a really good job doing that themselves. We learned about Subway when Jared lost his weight ten years ago. People do not join or watch Biggest Loser to learn that the Wii is a great way to start a low impact workout regimen. They have done a good job themselves having celebrities create exercises. 

Also, who doesn’t know that 24-Hour Fitness isn’t the backer of Biggest Loser. A 40 foot high sign on the side of a gym, or readily going to the 24-Hour Fitness gym when needing to do a workout. Well, come on. Just leave the huge promotion to the sign. Please. 

I loved last week’s episode when Bob and Jillian gave exercise advice about buddy workouts. When watching a weight loss competition show, this is what people who are looking for weight loss help need. Seeing them team up together to give real advice is what I need. Seeing them team up to push the Losers at the gym-climbing the stair machine, doing sprints on the treadmill, using a sledgehammer on a huge tire. Some of these exercises people don’t know how to do. I love seeing them pushing.  

I think the only thing I am okay with them promoting is the bodybugg. I think everyone should know the numbers they are taking in and expending. This could also be done with the Nike+ Sensor, or even if you are just starting out, a normal cheap pedometer. I would love to see more training and advice on healthy eating and exercising, calorie counting and water intake. These are what I need from this show…and also more people like Tracy last season. Who didn’t love to hate her?

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  1. Linda permalink
    January 13, 2010 9:44 pm

    Excellent article – I’m not a “Biggest Loser’ fan but think I’ll watch to see what’s going on!

    • January 14, 2010 7:07 am

      I didn’t start watching until last season. The “Losers” are very inspiring.

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