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I Love What Not to Wear…I Hate the Intro

January 15, 2010

I so love watching the TLC show What Not to Wear. It is exciting for me to watch people, who dress horribly, get a complete makeover. I love seeing the nasty, inappropriate, oversized, miss-sized, abnormal, tie-dyed, fish net, just plain ugly clothes that American women are wearing.

I love Stacy and Clinton. They are amazing people who have compassion and enough heart for the whole city of New York. Stacy is always stylish with form-fitting dresses, super-high heels and is perfectly coiffed and made up. Clinton, in his signature argyle sweaters, makes menswear look sophisticated and effortless. They give the advice every woman looks for and wants from sales people, but can never get.

I love how they sneak up on-or ambush- people, show the taped footage of themselves and have their family members watch with them. I love that they take them to New York to shop in stores and boutiques that we have all wanted to shop in. They get made over by Carmindy the makeup artist, and Ted Gibson the new hair stylist. I love Ted Gibson a whole lot better than Nick Arrojo; Ted is very compassionate and listens to the nominee.

I hate the intro. This show has been on the air for way to many years, to have the same introduction. I am all about keeping the signature of random people changing into new/better outfits. But the same people have introduced the show for years now. Come on, I do not care to see the man go from day-to-day jeans and t-shirt to brown overcoat and scarf; the red head change from hippy into a shiny plunging green v-neck top with a red jacket; the dowdy couple who get changed into a suit and purple scaly dress. I am also tired of seeing Stacy in her aqua blue tank top and knee-high black skirt, or Clinton in his white button down and purple velvet jacket…purple velvet Clinton?

Why can’t a show, which is so successful they have been able to give away thousands of dollars to deserving people, design a new and improved, colorful and quirky, sophisticated and charming intro? This show has so many stylists working for it, why can’t they have them working on new intro’s constantly?

My idea for a new intro is having past nominees come back to show how good they still look. Who doesn’t love reunions? They could have every person who has ever been on the show, and have a new intro for every show of the season! Hah, do it TLC!

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  1. Linda permalink
    January 16, 2010 1:29 am

    Good point!!

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