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I Love Award Shows…I Hate the Extras

January 17, 2010



I love award shows. I love seeing all the celebrities dressed to the nines in outfits that are to 


expensive-Kate Winslet in her gray floral Oscar gown or seeing Anne Hathaway in anything. Seeing the jewels stars choose to bling themselves out in-Angelina Jolie’s 115-carat emerald earrings or Penelope Cruz’s $3 million worth of diamonds. $3 million? She doesn’t even make that for a movie! Or seeing their choices in hairstyles-Drew Barrymore’s bouffant anyone? I love seeing the horrible dresses that are chosen for them-Gwyneth Paltrow’s see-through Alexander McQueen gown or Cher’s feathers and sequins-just plain tacky. I love the trashiness of some celebs also-Angelina winning an Oscar and then kissing her brother…yuck. I hate the extras. I hate how long the awards end up being. I hate the speeches, the speeches end up making award shows hours longer than necessary. I cannot stand to hear who gets thanked or how long the speeches end up being. I thank the Oscars for putting a cap on the length of speeches. You hear the music playing and you are done. How many of us care to hear about the agent, the writer, the director, the make-up and hair stylists, the wardrobe people, the best friend or the dog. Now, if I knew someone getting the award I would obviously want to be thanked, but just say thank you to everyone in your life. Boom, done. 

 I hate hearing the strange awards. I don’t care about the award for Best Foreign Language Film-um, I didn’t see it and wouldn’t have understood it. I don’t care about the best film editor, best sound mixer, best sound editor, best short film, best documentary, best make-up or costume design. Why do we need to make an award show so danged long? There is no need. They need to put all of these in a different award show. Why not make an award show specifically for these nominees and call it the Extra Awards, celebrating the people behind the scenes. Now, not many people would watch, but we don’t watch those awards when they come on anyways…we go to the bathroom, make phone calls, get our dinner or a drink. At least they wouldn’t be wasting our time.  

 The awards I love to see are the best actor and actress, best supporting actor and actress, best picture. These are the most important. The only ones people actually care about. What I don’t like about them is my favorites don’t usually win…kind says something about my faves. Humph.  

 I also love the Oscars and Golden Globes the best. These two award show encompass everything I love. The glitz and glam; the beautiful and trashy. The Golden Globes are hilarious-women always end up being in the bathroom when there award is announced. The Golden Globes award both movies and television, all in one night. It is perfect. Why not get it over in one night?

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