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I love Gowns…I Hate Bad Tuxes

January 19, 2010

Hate with a Passion


I loved the Golden Globes; it had some wonderful dresses and some awful ones. I can always name a few of the stars who will consistently wear horrible outfits. Cher, Chloë Sevigny and Drew Barrymore are my go to girls for this. I love seeing the horrible hair that stylists let walk out the door…Why are these hair stylists still in business? Gwen Stefani usually has the worst hair at any event. I love to see beautiful dresses. I am a big fan of long and flowy, colorful and black gowns that are flattering to the wearer. Man, did the 2010 Golden Globes have some hits and misses.    



I loved Cameron Diaz, who I normally hate. She looked magnificent in a long red v-neck Alexander McQueen gown, that was superbly made and had cute little cap sleeves. I loved, Robert Downy Jr and his wife, they both looked great. Robert had on a classy tux and his wife was in a body-hugging black beaded gown. Julia Roberts had on a knee-length long sleeve v-neck black dress that looked perfect for her. She can pull off anything that is put on her-as long as her armpits are shaved.    

Love Them


Heather Graham and Jennifer Aniston both pulled of leg-baring black gowns. Heather’s gown was beaded and a little booby but she look great. Jennifer’s matte black dress had a slit all the way to the hip. Wow, amazing on her. Glenn Close look great her in black shiny strapless gown. It was age-appropriate and she looked fantastic in it. Vera Farmiga looked a little weird in her black mermaid gown. It was strapless and long mermaid style, but had huge planted roses coming out of it. It looked like a garden. Now, if the roses hadn’t been all over it, it would have been perfect and I hate mermaid gowns. Courtney Cox and David Arquette looked cute together also. She looked wonderful in her simple black strapless gown with a beaded-type half belt, and David looked normal for once in a black tux.    

Kate Hudson is a hit or miss with me this year. I can usually count on her to miss the mark on her dress choices. Her white Marchesa gown-it looked like a top and skirt which is why I did like it-was very runwayish and really should have stayed there. Drew Barrymore was also a hit or miss for me. She looked wonderful-her hair was done nicely as was her makeup-but her nude colored dress had two beaded things jutting out of her; one on her shoulder and the other the opposite hip. Now, I don’t know her personally or anything, but I assume she doesn’t have any imperfections that these need to cover up. Hmmm.    

I hate flowers and ruffles. What was wrong with Rita Wilson? Why was she wearing a too tight, flowered monstrosity? I love her, love her husband Tom Hanks but really. Rita what were you and your stylist thinking, this dress did absolutely nothing for you. Chloë Sevigny wore the ugliest ruffled-dead-skin-colored Valentino dress I have ever seen on someone. I don’t know why she can’t wear something normal for a change. Yes, we all talk about it so she is news. But why a ruffle warrior type dress? I don’t understand! Also, Cher? You are way too old to be wearing a black-velvet-front-undone-corset style gown. Please, rethink your decision for your next award show!    



Sandra Bullock in her Bottega Veneta purple chiffon half see-through gown was very disappointing. The top and the color are breathtaking for her skin tone and made me jealous. Then she stood and walked. Hmm, peak-a-boo chiffon, didn’t know that could happen. Christina Hendricks, from Mad Men, was also a huge miss. She also wore a body ruffle type dress, this one by Christian Siriano, in peach. She is a busty woman who did not need a ruffle from side boob all the way around to your bottom. Shame on you Christian.    

I hate bad tuxes. What is wrong with Mickey Rourke and Paul McCartney? Mickey Rourke looked like he was trying to dress like a nineteen year-old rock star. He is not Justin Timberlake and should keep his nasty too-tanned-plastic-surgery self in a more respectable normal looking suit. Paul McCartney was wearing the weirdest badge covered scarf throughout the entire show. Paul, you are no longer a Beetle. Please, take off the weird outerwear. Also, Taylor Lautner wore a shiny looking tux that did absolutely nothing for him, it was kind of weird.    

I hate skull caps at award shows. Who in their right mind would where a black knit skull cap to an award show…and where it during the entire event?  These were my original thoughts while watching the Golden Globes. Now, I know Michael C. Hall is going through chemo, but he could have chosen a different type of hat or not worn one at all and been revered for sending out acceptance of the bald chemo head.    

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