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I Love Project Runway…I Hate Launch My Line

January 23, 2010

I love certain reality shows. I love most make-over shows. I love to watch people who look terrible or who have needed help desperately, get a new look or lose weight or plastic surgery, à la Extreme Makeover or Dr 90210. I love seeing young women who want to be models have beautiful pictures taken of them and then get kicked off, as seen on Top Model. It is just exciting to me. And great entertainment, because we all know that the shows are not that dramatic while being lived only after many hours of editing.

I love Project Runway. I love that Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn have helped many new or up-and-coming fashion designers make their way into an industry which is extremely picky. I love how the advice given by Tim is not really advice but is kind of suggestive in its disgustedness. I love when he looks at a dress being made, and we all at home are saying how ugly it is, he says Hmm, do you really need the strings of fabric hanging from it. And with a shake of his fist and a “Make it work” he is off to the next designer to give some non-advice.

I love all the different ideas that are being thought about and designed, that they are artistic enough that they can make and complete it themselves. The designers are talented and diverse in what they devise. I only just started watch religiously last season, and I am disgusted in some of the designers completed outfits-chicken thighs for Rebecca Romijn? come on-but they end up getting better by the end of the show. And who isn’t proud of the designers getting all the way to the Bryant Park.

I love the different competitions that are given to them. Taking pictures of flowers and using it as the inspiration; using newspaper only and designing whatever you can come up with; using Levi’s and creating a contemporary look from the jeans. How cool? I like when they team up and get into fights…who could forget Qristal and Epperson’s teaming up? I love the drama, the in-fighting and the backstabbing. But, I can’t stand it when they don’t send the person i want to leave, home.

I hate Launch My Line. If you haven’t watched the show it is a run-off of Project Runway, with Dean and Dan Caten of Dsquared2 as the hosts and Lisa Kline and Stefani Greenfield as judges. It has a “designer” and a “professional”. The designer is just a random person who may or may not have some fashion history in their current position. The professional, is an actual designing expert who has worked with celebrities, and the professional does all the work.

Launch My Line has the designers design some outfit, which is to be in sequence with the rest of what they have come up with. Okay, that is cool. But do they actually do any of the cutting or sewing? Uh, nope. That is what the professionals are for. The professionals do the actual work and construction of the entire ensemble. I have seen some of these “professionals”, and yes I am using the term loosely, designs. Who in their right mind would even want to look at them, let alone buy them.

What, are you kidding me? Why would you call it Launch My Line, when you aren’t doing any of the work? Prove yourself, jeez. Who wants to buy some of that crap? The poor professionals have to create the crap that they are coming up with? What is with the guy who wears the hat, and uses netting as a cover-up…Yeah, thankfully he was tossed off. And using Lady Gaga as inspiration? Wow, of course they were going to come up with crap.

I had wondered why Bravo had dropped Project Runway, their most popular show on the network, but I get it now. They were hoping for another more exciting show…Boy did they miss the mark with this one.

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