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I Love Weight Loss Competitions…I Hate Not Losing Weight

January 24, 2010

I'm a Shredder


Weight loss is something every woman, person really, wants. We want to lose that last five, fifteen or even 150 pounds. Thinking about weight loss causes us to lose sleep at night, to eat while thinking about what we are going to do the next day to lose the weight and to pinch our fat to see if it has gotten any less since the day before. Weight loss, whether small or large, never stops-it always evolves into breath stealing, heart pounding, sweat inducing nightmares and daytime realities. Some of us have surgeries to lose the weight, others are my gurus-the people I wish I could be, the couch potato to marathoner. I love weight loss challenges-who doesn’t want to win a competition? I have been involved with many; the at-work Biggest Loser competition, the Lent competition-giving up foods to see who loses weight, and of course competing with myself-tracking my daily weight loss. Some have been helpful, others not so much.  

I love how weight loss makes me feel. I love being able to log into a weight loss competition site and enter my loss information. I love being able to compare my ups and downs with other people. Seeing how others are doing good is healthy competition, because I get to see what they are doing and what is helping them, and compare it with what I am doing or not and can then incorporate it with what I will try/do next.  

Now this may seem a little too superficial or aggressive, but as someone who has been on the weight loss train-going up and down side to side-this is what I do to push myself, to keep up the level of healthiness I have developed. Healthy competition is what we all need to make it to the next step. A marathoner doesn’t just stop at the 5k; they compete with themselves to make it to them 10 and then 15k.  

I also love the competition because it is personal. It is something you are doing with others, but for yourself. You hold yourself accountable, not always the fun or easy part of it. I can’t tell you how many times I have crapped out of something because I knew I wouldn’t win. Not smart but darn truthful.  

Ten-in Ten Challenge


My favorite is the weight loss challenge sites that aren’t about competing. The ones that are all about support. Giving thoughtful ideas and tips, recipes and exercise must-dos. Two that I have joined do nothing more than show support to the people who have united in the ever-present goal. How much better could that be, unconditional giving?  

I hate not losing weight. It has become a passion/obsession for me. I have been heavy my entire life and have struggled with losing that last few pounds for longer than is necessary. It hangs on when I would rather it left. It shows up on top of my jeans, out my sleeves, hidden beneath my Spanx. It is everywhere. Thankfully I have learned to maneuver into the clothes that I want to wear without being embarrassed.  

My question is, why doesn’t the scale budge when I have been working out religiously for a month; been eating a whole lot better than before; drinking liters of water; not over eaten during that time of the month. I want so badly to prove to myself I can do it. I want to prove it to the people who have supported me and joined in the many dieting journeys I have taken.  

Why won’t the weight coöperate with me? Why won’t the scale go down, even two ounces? Where is the excess I have indulged in hiding? Don’t get me wrong, I have toned up wonderfully and my clothes fit better. But it always comes back to the scale. That dirty, rotten little piece of technology that I often curse like a banshee at.  

The feeling of losing weight is so acute, so intense it is unbelievable. When you lose the predetermined amount of weight, the pound size that you chose before your journey, it is the most exciting experience. You suddenly feel-no puns intended-like the weight has lifted off your shoulders, like you can breathe easier and the worry is gone.  

Anticipating the daily morning weigh in, the feeling of knowing that I have done it, I have beaten it. I wish that every morning was this way. I love that feeling-the dancing around the bathroom, the shadow boxing, the sucking in the gut and seeing my ribs. Ah, life is grand on that morning. I thank the competition sites, because not only does it help me keep my obsession in check but it gives me an outlet that I wouldn’t have otherwise. It helps keep me going. It gives me healthy, knowledgable support. 

Do you have a weight loss journey you would like to share, are you a Shredder or have joined the 10-in-10 challenge. Let me know how it or has gone.

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  1. Linda permalink
    January 25, 2010 12:31 am

    Great article and very inspiring!

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