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I Love Michelle Obama…I Hate the Flack She Gets

February 4, 2010

Michelle Obama


She is obviously not the conventional First Lady of the US that we have seen in the past. She doesn’t walk around in tweed skirt suits that were made for older women; she decided to plant a garden in her backyard; she is helping families in the military; and most recently, after a personal discovery, she is combating childhood obesity.    

I love Michelle Obama. She has been put through the ringer, whether it be because of what she decided to wear or because of something her husband said or did, she lets it just roll right off of her. She doesn’t let it show in the media that the shorts she was wearing on a summer trip to the Grand Canyon were anything but comfortable and suitable. She didn’t let it show when the party crashers showed up the next day in the news and on Facebook. She hasn’t let it show when the tabloids are spouting offensive gay stories about her husband either. I love that when times are tough, we are still supportive of her. She has higher polling numbers than her husband, 70% at last check. That says something about the First Lady who was named to Forbes magazine’s most powerful women list, People magazine’s most beautiful list, Time magazine’s most influential list, and made Maxim magazine’s list of hottest women. Now, canceling out the Maxim list, who couldn’t be proud of, and look up to a woman like this. This is what we look for in celebrities, but only find trash and stories of wild parties that end up being true.   

 I also love that her initiatives are from the heart and are helping immediately. Helping to add an additional 3% increase in funding to the already $8.8 billion 2011 budget for military families. I love that she planted in the South Lawn of the White House, an organic vegetable garden-and that it has ex-“seeded” expectations by not only sustaining White House meals, but they have donated veggies to a local soup kitchen. I love that she shared with the world recently that her daughters, Malia and Sasha, were on the verge of obesity. She thought they were perfect and didn’t see a reason to change any habits. Good for her for speaking out about obesity, not only her children’s, but for all the other 1 in 3 children that are also becoming obese.   

I hate that with everything she does she gets attacked from the media. Why can’t a woman go with her family to the Grand Canyon in walking shorts and a t-shirt? Why did she and her husband get grouped into party-crasher-gate? Why did she get flack for stating that she is now proud of her country-aren’t we all proud of our country? And really, why does the Enquirer continue to print false embarrassing tales? Get over it already.   

 I haven’t seen a first lady get so much flack for her clothing choices since Hilary. Granted, Hilary chose to wear hideous polyester skirt suits…you think Mrs. Obama’s stylist would be giving her some tips. But really, so what if she shops at the Gap and J. Crew? Good for her, so does everyone else. Who doesn’t love comfort and want to have some style?   

 In the interview with Matt Lauer, which stemmed this article, Michelle stated that after a recent visit with the pediatrician she was told that her daughters were on the verge of obesity. Shouldn’t Michelle bring this to the attention of America, that even though they have grown up in privilege and live in the White House, they are still subjected to health issues just as every other child is? We should be as worried about eating disorders, if we take the opportunity to educate our children the correct choices in life-as well as food-and give them the principles to achieve this? Let her talk as candidly as possible about a subject that every single one of us has had an issue about at one point or another.   

 Michelle Obama may not be your favorite person, or First Lady. You may hate everything she does, but be proud that she is taking over issues that are affecting America now.

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