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I Love the Super Bowl…I Hate How Long it is

February 7, 2010

It will be a great game. Who doesn’t love watching men fighting for dominance over a ball? Who doesn’t love to see our favorite players, our favorite teams win the game and get more fame? Who can’t wait to see the opening act sing the national anthem or see the half time show? The half time show usually ends up being more entertaining than the game. Great food gets made, stuff we don’t allow ourselves or never get around to unless we are having a party. And, as most women will say the best reason to watch the Super Bowl is the players’ butts.

I love the Super Bowl. I don’t watch many football games during the season; it gets a little pointless to watch games when your family favorite loses all the time. The 49ers haven’t been to the Super Bowl since 1994 and it gets a little old to watch them continuously lose to other teams, when you know they can do better; though without Rice and Montana, they won’t get that far again.

I love watching the game. In the first half the players are so serious; they know they have to make all there points then so they aren’t scrambling in the second half to just stay ahead. That only makes a better game for the rest of us though, watching them scramble to get ahead, waiting to see the final snap. Jumping up and down, no matter if it is your favorite team or not, you get caught up in the excitement and yell and scream at the tv.

I also love the entertainment they get. Who can forget Roseanne singing the national anthem in 1990 at the San Diego Padres game-I know it wasn’t the Super Bowl, let alone football, but it is more memorable a moment than most anything else. Or “nipple-gate” with Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake in 2004, and really no one believed it was an accident. I think the half-time show I can remember most is the 1993 one with Michael Jackson singing Heal the World, who didn’t have a tear in their eye then? Also, the commercials during the Super Bowl are the most expensive of any other time. Just because they are expensive doesn’t make them any better than during normal shows.

One of the best parts of Super Bowl Sunday is the food. All those chips and dips, the burgers and hotdogs, chili’s and stews, cookies and brownies. Oh Lord, it is a dieting nightmare that many of us ignore. It is still considered the holiday season right? Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and Super Bowl Sunday? All that foodie goodness, I mean we try to make it healthy, adding a veggie and fruit tray, but come on. It is out for hours and hours and we just munch and munch.

I hate how long the game is. It is not necessary to make a sporting event five hours long. If there was no running of the clock or time-outs aplenty, the game could get over in 2 ½ hours. Also, what about when it is pouring down rain the whole game or close to or is freezing temps outside? Don’t the players want to get it over with quicker, no one wants to be out there then.

I really hate the running of the clock. Why let two minutes at the end of the game go without a play? I am watching “the big game” for action and suspense, not mundane drama and watching guys in tights walking around with their heads down like they don’t know what to do next. I am with Brett Favre, who cares how many seconds are left-beat them and beat them good!

Hopefully the Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints don’t have any troubles with getting lots of points and having suspensful drama in Miami. I don’t follow either team, but I can’t wait to see if this will be a close game, if the points will be flying and the touch downs get made.

Update: Congrats to the Saints on their 1st Super Bowl win…EVER!!!!


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