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I Love the Olympics…I Hate No New Shows

February 19, 2010

The snow falling making the hills perfect for skiing and snowboarding. The water frozen to perfection for luge-ing and ice skating. The sun shining down on the spectators giving extra warmth; though most of the viewers are hopped up on adrenalin with all the activity going on, they don’t notice if it is sunny or not.

I love watching the Olympics. I am not big on the winter one but I love the summer. Who wasn’t in front of the TV watching 2008 gold medal winner Michael Phelps race his way to world record after world record? With eight gold medal wins, it was fascinating and so exciting to be on the front of my seat watching him power through all of that water, and not tire. Wow.

My biggest memory of any Olympics is the 1996 USA women’s gymnastics, when Kerri Strugg injured her ankle on a vault landing. I love gymnastics like no other sport. I have always wished that I could be a gymnast, not even being good enough to go to the Olympics, but just being able to walk on the beam, swing around the uneven bars and do flips on the mat. Watching the 1996 USA women’s team, with Kerri Strugg doing the unthinkable by not only injuring her ankle on the first vault but running down the lane and sticking the second vault and winning the team gold. Oh man, I had tears in my eyes for those girls.

Not to say that the 2010 Olympics aren’t captivating as well. From the beginning it has been drama. With the Olympics starting out with the tragic death of luger Nodar Kumaritashvili a pall was brought the day of the opening ceremony. That didn’t stop the Olympics though. The opening ceremony had Nelly Furtado and Bryan Adams singing a duet and Wayne Gretzky lighting one of the torches to start it all off. On it has gone with the US so far winning 18 medals with Germany a close second with 11.

I hate that the Olympics has stopped all other TV shows from happening. The Olympics are not a 24 hour-a-day event; other shows can be viewed or taped. The Olympics are on NBC why does that stop CBS and Fox from showing their programs? Who decided that Americans can only watch one sporting event and that is it? I know how to multi-task thank you very much.

At least Fox has had American Idol brand new. I don’t know what I would have done if I went the entire week without something new to watch. American Idol is a guilty pleasure, watching the young hopefuls sing their way to greatness…or not, as they often show the crap singers. Really the crap singers are the best part of the show. This week of new AI brought the latest 24 contestants to us to start the voting on, so thank you Fox for the new shows.

Not everyone watches the Olympics. Not everyone is interested in every single event happening-snowboarding, skeleton and curling. Nope not me. I would rather be watching Biggest Loser-I want to see what is happening with those contestants, are they losing still? I mean come on, if that is the show you are taking inspiration from to get in better health, then it is not one you take a break from. I get that Biggest Loser is on NBC, but show it at an earlier time-believe me it will at least get taped!

I also hate that my other show are not played either. NCIS-Gibbs and Dinozzo, yep the real reason women watch it. CSI, it has gone downhill since Grissom left, but it is still a good show. Bones is on Fox, why wasn’t it new? Who does not love to see David Boreanaz strut around in his “cocky” belt buckle and silly socks, and Emily Deschanel being weird and awkward? Favorite shows being missed because the Olympics are taking up two weeks of viewing time.

I know-I can hear Jillian and Bob right now saying that I should be taking the time to not watch TV and to workout. But I do! I tape my fave shows and watch them while doing a workout video that is playing on my laptop. That is the quickest workout ever. Doing an at-home tape while watching your shows keeps you going; sometimes though if the show is good I don’t work out as hard, but at least I am not missing out on either the workout or program.

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