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I Love Flip-Flops…I Hate FitFlops

February 22, 2010



My feet having the freedom to breathe and move as they will; my toes not being all squished into a pump or my heels not feeling like spikes are going through them in stilettos; the soles of my feet getting a break from running shoes. Getting silly farmer tans on the tops of my feet. 

 I love walking around in sandals and flip-flops. Just the fact that you don’t have to wear restraining shoes for the day is such a blessing. Being able to slip on some footwear and run out the door to grab some groceries, to-go dinner or just a nice drive with the family and not having to worry about what is on your feet is fantastic. 

Walking in flip-flops, or thongs as us West-Coasters say, is a talent not observed by everyone. Some people can’t get their feet to work right to hold the material between the toes. I think it is hilarious; I could and have worn them everywhere-even to work. I could live in them, though I am not a fan of the dress sandals that have hard leather toe material. Who wants blisters between their toes? 

I hate that FitFlops don’t work. I bought my FitFlops the first year they came out after seeing them in US Weekly magazine; I thought I was so cool getting something new and fresh. I bought them from Bath and Body Works, because that is where they were selling first. I thought I was going to get some lean legs, or at least feel something-anything-to be able to tell that they were working. Nope. 

Champion from Payless


I had those FitFlops longer than any other pair of shoes in my life. I just traded them in for some cheaper Payless Champion brand that claim to do the same exact thing. Who wants to pay $50-$75 for glorified thongs? AND, they look almost exactly alike. Just so you know I got mine discounted because I knew the manager at the time I got them and only paid $30. And yes I did get more of them, but only because I can’t stand the flip-flops that make you feel like you have no padding, like you are walking on puffed up cement which is what Old Navy’s feel like. 

Now, I have posted before about working out, so you know I love a good workout. I so would love to be able to wear footwear that would shape you as you walk. Why wouldn’t someone want to tone as they walk, everyone would then get in their 10,000 steps a day.  Nothing happens to your legs or butt though, let me be up front. You can’t even feel any muscle activity happening. The best thing about them is it feels like you are walking on clouds. 

Really, the only good thing about FitFlops is the cloud impression. I am not a fan of Crocs, so the Fits were the next best thing.

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