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I Love the Oscars…I Hate My Faves Not Being Nominated

February 24, 2010

Watching the glitziness of the bright lights as they shine on the big golden statues. The glamour of all the stars dressed to the nines. The singing hosts doing opening numbers that sit on the brink of taking it too far. It is the Academy Awards.

Here is some Oscar history for you. The first Academy Awards were held May 16, 1929, presented at a black-tie dinner at the Roosevelt Hotel with only twelve categories. Twelve categories, that is it-they sure have come a long way! The first televised Oscar ceremony was held in 1953, with 1966 being the first time in color-can you imagine not seeing all those dresses not in living color? There have been 2,701 Oscar statues awarded in the 81 years of ceremonies. Did you know that the Oscar is 13 ½ inches tall and weigh 8 ½ pounds? That is some load to be hauling around.

I love the Oscars. I love listening to what the emcee has to say about the nominees, watching the dancing routines some of them do. This year there are two hosts putting on the show-Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin. I wish they would have just used Steve Martin, I love him, but it will be funny. I hope they are able to push the envelope on the comedy and make fun of the stars. That is part of the fun.

I love the different ideas they have come up with over the years of how to make the outrageously long ceremony interesting, to keep you tempted to stay and watch the entire thing-instead of flipping back and forth between whatever else you can find on at the same time. Not only the different design ideas but seeing the actual winners! I loved seeing Cuba Gooding, Jr win, and Matt Damon and Ben Affleck win-man, tears with both those wins. I love when stars get emotional, it shows that really care about what they do.

As I have said before, I love the fashion and fashion blunders of the Academy Awards. I love when stars dress horribly because it is hilarious that they pay stylists tons of money to let them walk out the door to the most important event in their career looking ghastly. And I won’t even only blame the stylists, because designers constructed the awful creations. But, really all the blame goes to the celeb-they know they don’t look right.

Best Actor Best Supporting Actor Best Actress Best Supporting Actress
Jeff Bridges Matt Damon Sandra Bullock Penelope Cruz
George Clooney Woody Harrelson Helen Mirren Vera Farmiga
Colin Firth Christopher Plummer Carey Mulligan Maggie Gyllenhaal
Morgan Freeman Stanley Tucci Gabourey Sidibe Anna Kendrick
Jeremy Renner Christopher Waltz Meryl Streep Mo’Nique


Best Picture
The Blind Side
District 9
An Education
The Hurt Locker
Inglorious Bastards
A Serious Man
Up in the Air


I hate the Oscars because my favorites weren’t picked. Why is it that they never include comedies in the Best Picture category? The Hangover was the biggest comedy movie of ’09 and there wasn’t any picture or “Best” nod anywhere in it. It was hilarious and crazy, very good material for some type of award. The Proposal with Ryan Reynolds? Come on, that guy is awesome and played that character to perfection. He deserves something. And really, The Ugly Truth-that was the most laugh-out-loud movie I have seen in a long time.

I hate that big budget action flicks are never up for Best Movie either. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. It had to be the biggest budget movie of the summer and the only nod they get is for Sound Mixing-not even Visual Effects! Are they crazy? Fast and Furious with Paul Walker and Vin Diesel, admittedly not the best of the series, but the first 20 minutes was all visual effects and again no nod to them at all. But do add the biggest grossing movie Avatar why don’t you, with the creepy looking alien-people. They also gave a bunch of nominations to the creepy District 9. Blech, no thanks.

I also hate that the main character in the Blind Side wasn’t nominated. The movie and Sandra Bullock are both up for awards, but what about Quinton Aaron? You couldn’t have had a Blind Side without the Michael Oher character being so good of an actor and football player. Or Tom Hanks in Angels and Demons; he is such a wonderful actor that he can really do no wrong. I really like the movie Pelham 123 and Denzel Washington is another that can almost always do no wrong by me. This movie once again proved that he is an all-star at acting. I think John Travolta did awesome also in Pelham 123. He played such an out of character type in this movie it was weird, but he did so well in it, it was refreshing to see him in something good.

Hope everyone enjoys the show on March 7, 2010.

Here are MY choices for winners:


What about you? What do you think of the nominations or who would you rather have seen nominated?
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