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I Love Eating Healthy…I Hate Eating Crappy

March 4, 2010

Eating used to be my favorite past time. I enjoyed eating non-healthy food, but after the gastric-bypass surgery I posted about recently, I had to change my ways. Having my gall-bladder taken out during surgery made it difficult to process fried and sugary food, so after surgery-when you are supposed to be eating only small healthily portioned foods-it was simple to ignore the unhealthy options.

I love most vegetables and soy products and love tofu. I love the different options available to cooking healthy also. I recently had Pad Thai with tofu; I have never eaten Thai food before so I was very leery, but it was wonderful. The peanut butter in the sauce, which is what made me pause before tasting, added so much flavor I ate the left overs for days. We also substituted regular noodles for rice noodles and they were no different flavor-wise and are a lot healthier for you.

I love pasta like no other food. When I was little I only ever wanted spaghetti for my birthday dinners. To make my spaghetti obsession healthier I found spaghetti squash. You bake this squash and add in your favorite red sauce, I add soy meat as well, and there you go. I also love making my dad’s tuna noodle casserole into a vegetarian option. I make it normal with the canned cream of mushroom soup and wheat noodles, add tofu instead of tuna, and then add broccoli and peas which both give it more flavor then no chips. No guilt for my pasta, yess!

I love eating salads, I always have. This used to be my most unhealthy eating option though. I would make “taco” salads with lots of crushed tortilla chips, cheese and ranch dressing. Ranch dressing is wonderful; I could drink the kinds you get at restaurants. I would also put an entire avocado in my salads-it has good fat right? And those croutons! Eating at a buffet is definitely dangerous. I could go on, and on, and on with different types of foods that are wonderful to me.

I love snacks. Who doesn’t right? Thankfully Hostess has invented different 100 calorie snack packs that are perfectly portioned out for you. Who doesn’t want pretzels, Cheez-its, yogurt or chocolate covered pretzels, cookies, Twinkies and carrot cakes? Oh man, I could dream of these things. Thankfully all of them are portioned out for you, so you don’t take more than you are supposed to and go crazy with them, which is what I would have normally done…many times. I don’t mind snacking on carrot sticks and celery stalks or oranges and apples, but sometimes you just need that sweet something to get you by.

I hate eating crappy. I always feel like crap after doing it. Yes crappy in the, Man I really didn’t need that and now I have stomach ache way. But also, the Man why did you do that? You just blew your diet way. It’s just plain mind games. My stomach gets so used to not eating sugary foods or High-Fructose Corn Syrup, that when I do “treat” myself that my stomach sits up and fights back.

I hate the mind games that come with the bad food options I choose for myself. My head is telling me no, my stomach is telling me no, but for some reason I reached for that cookie anyway. After I do it, not even tasting it, I feel so bad about myself and what I have done to the already good eating day I have had that I feel doomed. I then start going over in my head everything I have already eaten and am going to eat thereafter to combat that darn “treat”. Silly head; logically I know I didn’t do any harm, but years of training myself and dieting have warped me.

I also hate that when going out to eat, all there is is unhealthy options. Going to Olive Garden? My fave is the Fettucine Alfredo-for the dinner portion size it is 1220 calories and 75 grams of fat…WHAT?!?! I slurp that stuff up! The Garden Salad, which should be your healthiest option, is 350 calories per serving and 26 grams of fat…again WHAT?!?! Is it just me or is this disturbing. Who feels like treating themselves if the options are not only astronomical in calories but also in fat? So much for eating there for birthdays, huh?

Why is it that when you are doing well, suddenly something comes in and finds its way into your mouth? I gave up chips, chocolate and soda a year ago for lent and have stuck it; but Wheat Thins, yogurt pretzels from Whole Foods and Naked Juice have found their way into my house? Healthy is better!

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  1. March 24, 2010 1:21 pm

    i love your blog, I have learned something new today, thanks for sharing

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