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I Love Lane Bryants Clothes…I Hate the Commercial Getting Banned

April 24, 2010

Absolutely fabulous clothes for plus size women in a comfortable setting with helpful women to tell you how wonderful you look. Cool, up-to-date clothes that look as good as any other store…because we are deserving.

I love Lane Bryant. I can’t fit into their clothes anymore-yeah me, for my weight loss-but I have always been really fond of them. When I was in need of clothes or just wanted to feel good about myself, I always went to Lane Bryant. Even when heavy, I always went to “regular” stores to see if I could fit into other clothes. They had begun stocking plus size clothes at Target, where I frequented, and I would buy the jeans in my size because they were cheap, but the quality was not as good.

I love that the clothes look mainstream. Lane Bryant makes sure to have clothes that are in style with the times, fits good-though if you have a long torso beware-and a huge lingerie section. I always went there for my bras even though they were expensive. I didn’t care the cost, they always had sales and coupons, because when you are looking for plus size clothes, you can’t be to choosy about location. I also loved it when I got a “grown-up” job and got to buy work clothes. Ah man, they are really trendy.

Lane Bryant is also very different from the other plus size stores. I never bought clothes from Catherine’s because I always felt their clothes were for older women, and they were very expensive. The Avenue was a good one, but they don’t have as many choices as Lane Bryant, not a big lingerie section at all either. Torrid, which had come to my town not long before my surgery so I didn’t get to enjoy them much, is definitely for a younger crowd with a punk feel to it-though their online stuff has a better offering than in the store.

I hate that the lingerie commercial was banned on ABC and FOX. Seriously? You know it is news when it is put on the front page of MSN and is written about in national papers. I can’t believe it was banned. I watched it on YouTube, and it is no worse than a Victoria’s Secret commercial. I mean, have you seen the new plunge adds? How much more of a double standard can you get? Are they going to start banning Hanes commercials also? They have the same amount of nothingness on also.

I hate ABC and Fox for this. I mean really, ABC plays Desperate Housewives who have nothing better to do than run around and sleep with everyone; but what about Dancing With the Stars? The women on that show are half-naked and dance and strut their stuff around. Niecy Nash is on the show, wearing revealing outfits and she is plus sizeish. Fox is not any better. They have So You Think You Can Dance, really it is a rip off from ABC, but whatever, and those girls wear revealing clothes. So is it that the Lane Bryant model is big, or they were somehow offended…hmmm.

So, are you interested now? Watch the Lane Bryant Cacique commercial here or read their statement to the press here.

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  1. May 15, 2010 9:23 pm

    I wish I looked half that good in my lingerie

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