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I Love Vacationing…I Hate the Vacation Mindset

May 5, 2010

German Christmas


It s almost that time of year when everyone is taking time off work, trying to decide how much vacation time is necessary and which destination looks best for this year’s retreat. Whether you choose to stay local and visit the lake or beach, or drive around the states or take the plunge and go international-vacationing is so much FUN!   

I love vacations. I love saving up my comp and vacation time at work so I can take vacations. Yup, I said it-I don’t take time off of work. Vacations are way too important to me to take frivolous time off of work. Luckily I have had some good bosses and co-workers so I haven’t felt the pressure to take time off or call in sick unnecessarily. I love deciding the best place, investigating which hotels to stay at, which tours to take when I get to my new destination. Ah, the pictures I dream of taking. Man, I love going places.   

I love the packing and traveling aspect of vacationing. When you finally decide on the best place to go-no matter how far away it is-it is awesome. The packing is the best, though I always overdo it. I try to take too much, and I always end up over the 50 pound limit. The downsizing is the worst. You would think with how many vacations I have taken in my life I would have a system down, or know that when traveling during the summer, I don’t need sweaters…but you don’t know if it is going to get cold in Scotland in August! Or if the Oregon Coast is going to be warm for once and you only need bathing suits and shorts or if you will need light cover ups. Though if you are vacationing in Las Vegas, then it is pretty easy to know shorts, sun tan lotion and lots of money is all that you need. Also, I always forget to leave room for the memorabilia I have to buy, and then try to find places to stuff it in my luggage.   

Bourban St


The traveling to places is great also. As a family we always drove across the US for our vacations when I was young, so I don’t mind driving anywhere. We drove to California almost yearly for family holidays, we drove to and camped our way to Tennessee to visit my Aunt and Uncle-that was a seriously long drive and now I don’t like camping because of it!-and we drove Los Angeles to hunt for colleges for my brother before his senior year in high school. It does get old to drive but it is cool getting to see different places and take detours to new places. I love flying; thankfully I have taken some great flights, with no real turbulence though it is freaky when it gets bumpy. I had one flight that the pilot had to detour from flying through Kentucky to southern Texas because of a very long line of lightning. It was beautiful to see out the window but really scary to think how close it was also.   

I hate the vacation mindset that happens when you go on vacation. Before I go on vacation I have a set list of things I know I will want to do or see. I will walk the beach every morning, I will take advantage of the gym in the hotel before losing or winning a bunch of money in the casinos, and I will go out every day and see a new place or take a new tour. I will NOT eat junk food, drink too much alcohol or spend too much money on inconsequential items, and certainly will not just whole up in the hotel room and watch TV.   

San Antonio River Walk


I hate the mindset that by being on vacation it justifies my being able to eat too much food and food that on a normal day of life I wouldn’t think of eating. Portion sizes and all my food control goes straight out the window while on vacation. No matter where I am at, even my mom and dad’s house, my control is nowhere to be seen. It is like since I am not at home in a normal routine, my head thinks that it is party time in the tummy so why not eat that huge caramel infused apple crisp, or a big ole plate of French fries, or as much complimentary breakfast I can handle-as well as taking a few croissants to eat while on a tour bus.   

I hate not feeling like working out either. I purposely take workout DVDs to do on my laptop if my hotel or destination doesn’t have a gym, or book the hotel that does have a gym so I have no excuses. Well, the excuses pop in. I slept too late; I am going to walk around the town I am visiting; I was out to late and am too hung over-you name it I have used the excuse. I know that no matter where I go, I can do something that constitutes exercising, but I just never feel like it. You would think with all the extra and excess food I am eating while on vacation I would need to exercise to justify the chow that I consume, but nope-laziness sets in and I don’t feel like doing much of anything.   

The White House


I also hate that when I get to wherever I am and my lists of things to see and do are set, I don’t feel like doing them. I just want to sleep and hide from view of everything, and watch weird TV shows that I wouldn’t normally watch and just stick close to the bed to veg. I know that it is because I have worked nonstop to get the vacation time needed to be there and am tired from the travel, but jeez I get so excited about where I am and what I can do there that it I get tired and just veg out. Vegging out is for weekends at home when you don’t want to do housework, not when you have spent a ton of money to go someplace really cool.

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