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I Love Treadmills… I Hate the Weird Buttons

May 11, 2010

Walking the walk, strolling the stroll, pumping up the hill, maybe even running the run? Sweating off the calories, feeling your calves burning or your back hurting-knowing the pain will be gone as the weight comes off. Feeling the vindication of your hour-long push and getting to the finish line.

I love treadmills. I love being able to push myself on the treadmill. Being able to up the intensity and  move myself faster than I thought I could is exciting. I love reading magazines and finding treadmill exercises that have various ways to train. Even just jogging as long as I think I can…and then doing what I know I can. That is the hard one.

I love seeing my body become leaner and fitter, it is so exciting. At home exercises are great, but being on the treadmill and seeing your calories burned is exhilarating. I know the incline on the treadmill will up my calorie burn, pushing through my mental block and upping my pace is tough though. For some reason I run slower on the treadmill than I do outside on the road. Outside, I feel like I have only a certain amount of time to run, so I have to hurry. At the gym on the treadmill, I feel like I have all day so why not take my time?

I love seeing the calorie burn on the treadmill too. Man-o-man, jogging on the treadmill or doing my first 5k on the treadmill-yep I did it, and in 42 minutes, YEA!-and seeing the 300-500 calories burned. Wow. Or doing the incline for 45 minutes and burning 742 calories, holy crap. It is crazy! I can burn that on the elliptical in the same amount of time, but my feet fall asleep. The treadmill you can pace yourself at a good speed and go for an hour and know your body is doing what it can to make you healthy. Go legs, go.

I hate the weird buttons on the treadmill. The hill, cardio and fat buttons? I decided to do the cardio, just to see what it was. Man, I didn’t think I was going to make it! I set the treadmill for 45 minutes at a 3.5 pace. That sucker took me up to the 15% incline! Within minutes! Let me tell you, I had to hold on-not to the side bars but the top of the treadmill because I was so tipped back. Did I decline it at all? Nope, I did not. I was so proud of myself, and then seeing the calories burned. Wow.

I hate the random or hill buttons too. The cardio button was bad enough, but I am not a hiker so it surely gets me going doing those. I don’t like these because they don’t regulate the speed as you are coming back down. So if I actually feel like pushing it and want to go fast up a hill at like 4.5, well coming back down at a 4.5 I am sliding down on my butt…or hold the railings and sprint. Not the plan Stan. I have never been good going down hills; they make you feel over balanced like you are going to take a header. On the treadmill, I certainly don’t want to embarrass myself at the gym and flying off the back. I guess that means I shouldn’t have it at such an exaggerated height?

I also hate having to enter my weight and age also. It is weird, and I don’t like the potential of other people being able to see it. Silly I know, but I can’t help it. I know it matters for the heart rate control and the calories burned counter but, really? I don’t even like knowing my weight let alone other people seeing it. I always try to bodily cover it and enter it quick-I always forget to push the enter button. Silly fingers. But, push myself I do and burn those calories so I shouldn’t be ashamed cause off the pounds they go!

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  1. Linda permalink
    May 11, 2010 8:51 pm

    Nice article! Lots of enthusiasm, which helps the rest of us stay motivated!

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