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I Love Fighting Fat…I Hate Having Fat

May 19, 2010

Sweating to the oldies, dancing around the house, training for a marathon, lunging and squatting yourself to thinner thighs and a perky butt. Ooh, we are looking good. We do all of this and feel excited about our bodies and our self-image. Yeah to movement.

I love fighting fat. I enjoy the fighting of fat more than I ever thought possible. When you are over 300 pounds, you don’t think it is possible to be anything but fat. Thankfully, through surgery and sheer determination-mental and physical-fighting is fun now. Finding new attention-grabbing exercises at the gym, workout classes or doing strength machines, trying out dance or yoga videos or just going for the requisite 30 minute daily walk. Ah, fun.

I love seeing the effects of fighting fat. Watching the jiggle lessen, the stomach flatten and the hard work pay off. Fighting fat has gotten funner as my weight loss has increased. Marked changes in my body, my weight and inches decreasing, is a long time dream come true. Knowing that what I have done to and for my body has given me only good, is worth the pain, sweat and tears.

I love the different ways to fight fat. Not only exercise-though the strength training is markedly important to getting rid of thigh jiggle-but food. Yep, I said it-food. There are foods to help fight fat. I read about these foods in the May 2010 Self magazine and am going to give them a shot. Who doesn’t want to eat, healthy of course, and have dedimpled benefits?

Celery 1c=2/5c water

Cucumber 1c=2/5c water

Grapes 1c=1/2c water

Watermelon 1c=3/5c water

Apples 1medium=2/3c water

“Anytime the skin is well hydrated, it will look suppler and healthier” says Lona Sandon, R.D. a spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association. We are supposed to aim for about 8 ½ cups of water a day, though it doesn’t all have to come in a cup. The foods in the side column are all water-logged and ready to run right through you. Also, according to a study in Nutrition magazine, women who took in more fluid from food had smaller waists and lower body-mass indexes. Hmm, yep I am eating all of these up TONIGHT!
Tomatoes 1=15.6mg of C

Kiwi 1=64mg of C

Oranges 1=73mg of C

Papaya 1=79mg of C

Red Bell Pepper 1=95mg of C

We all know to eat colorful veggies, but also know to choose them high in Vitamin C-it is essential to preventing collagen breakdown. Vitamin C helps to retain the skins support structure, collagen; when collagen weakens the skin looses elasticity-which is bad-and fat then is pressed up against the skin showing all of its bumpy glory.
Brown Rice 1/2c cooked=serving

Bulgur 1/2c cooked=serving

Oatmeal 1/2c cooked=serving

Quinoa 1/2c cooked=serving

Popcorn 3c popped=serving

Yet again, people telling us what we already know-don’t eat refined grains. The yummy, oh-so-good surgery cereal, white bread and white rice. What they didn’t say before, or which I readily blocked from my memory, was that by eating all that made my fat cells full so they just blew up like balloons and provided more bumpage. Point of fact is that whole grains and popcorn are full of fiber so you get filled up, and your insulin doesn’t take a hike to the sky

*Please remember portion sizes and portion control on all foods consumed

I hate having fat. I hate that after all the hard work I have done by Turbo Jamming, Shredding, Crunching and strengthening my muscles, I still have darned fat. When will it all be enough? When will I be able to lessen the amounts per week or minutes per day of exercise that I do? Why can’t it all melt off like I always dream it doing?

I hate fat. It is not only gross feeling, but not all that attractive either. Muffin top? Jiggly thighs? Bumpy butt? “Flag” arms, as Oprah calls them? Hmph, go away. All that aside it isn’t healthy. We already now the havoc it plays on our psyche, but it is horrible physically. It attaches itself to your stomach, butts and thighs and gets worse as we age. Also, women have it worse than men. What, not only do we have to push out the children, we get the shaft by having more gushy fat? Come on!

I hate the fat in my belly. Being an “Apple” shape, having a round middle with stick arms and legs, I have excess visceral fat, or intra-abdominal fat, that is especially horrible for my health and heart. The visceral fat attaches itself  around your stomach and internal organs, and increases the risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke and some cancers. Not only all that horrible diseases, but it is said to be the hardest to get rid of. Man, give me a break! Want an easy way to figure out if you have excess V fat? Take your waist measurement. If you’re a man and your waist is over 40 and 35 for a woman-sorry, but you have it. So how do we get rid of it? Walking and strength training are what is called for. Pretty much what I am doing now, so I am on the right path.

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