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I Love My Strong Thighs…I Hate My Inner Thighs

May 28, 2010

Strolling along the beach, sinking into the sand; walking through a foreign city, seeing the beautiful sights; hiking through a woody trail or up a mountain for the first time; jogging your first 5k or doing your first marathon like on Biggest Loser, your strong thighs will take you anywhere and everywhere you want to go.

I love my strong thighs. Even when I was at my largest, I loved having strong legs. I love traveling and seeing the sights and my legs took me there. I was not an exerciser then, so I just relied on having strong legs by osmosis-not really the best tack. I also love being able to see my thighs now that my weight has severely dropped, I can see the actual muscle. It looks good if I do say so myself.

I love toning now. It really is unbelievable how strong your legs can get and not be bulky. I used to not want to do thigh strengthening moves because I didn’t want to be bulky, which every woman fears turning into a bodybuilder type, but now I get it-squats and lunges tone not bulk. And lifting and lowering my own body weight is so effectual, my goodness! Who needs and extra 50-100 pounds when the pounds I already have make me sweat. I also love doing these moves now because I know that I will make it back up, not be afraid I will get stuck.

I love that my thighs help me get to where I want to be. I started the jogging thing, and boy do I feel my thighs when I do it. I recently did some leg strengthening exercises on the machines at the gym-pushed myself with the weights because I wanted to see how much I could do-and boy did I feel it the next day. So what did I do? I pushed myself on the treadmill for an hour, doing the cardio setting. Wow, I woke up with hamstring and glute pain like I hadn’t felt before. It hurt to sit, stand, and walk. Yowzer!

Here are a few thigh exercises that I find beneficial and are all done at home:

Lunges Lunges work pretty much every muscle in your leg-hamstrings, quads, inner and outer thighs, and glutes. To do correctly be sure to hold your chest up and keep your shoulders back, and keep your knees over your ankle-add light weights for more resistance.
Squats Squats are another that works the whole thigh area. To do correctly place feet shoulder width apart, and stick your bottom out when you lower yourself. Only go as far as comfortable at first, keep your back straight and chin up. When rising be sure to press up with your heels not your toes.
Ski Squats Ski squats work your whole thigh also. Man, these are killers and I never make it long with them. Plant your feet two feet from a wall, place your back against wall and lower yourself about into a half squat, hold for ten seconds, then lower a few inches and repeat. My thighs always burn with this one.
Straight Leg Dead Lifts Dead Lifts work your hamstrings, glutes and lower back. I love these because they feel easy. Usually done with a barbell you stand with feet shoulder width apart, semi lock your knees and keeping back straight bend at the waist until you are parallel to the floor. Using your leg muscles rise back to your starting position.

I hate my inner thighs. I hate that with all the work I have done to tone and get strong muscles that I still have inner thigh jiggle. It may be gross sounding, but it is true. Even doing the exercise machine at the gym, the hip adduction where you pull your legs together, my thighs get strong but don’t remove the jiggle. I do cardio, and still it won’t go away. The big ole downside to massive weight loss-the skin not doing what you hope it to.

I hate that without plastic surgery my inner thigh flab will never go away. After major weight loss, like on the Biggest Loser, the skin doesn’t always tighten back up. Believe me I know, and being a fan of reality surgery shows they says so too. I can do all the adductor muscle training in the world, and yes I will have some great looking muscles, but the great looking muscle will always be underneath the jiggly skin.

I hate that after looking up how to reduce my inner thigh jiggle I got nowhere quickly. I found tons of people searching for answers, and just as many non-answers. Even trainers websites didn’t have great advice. Jillian says just stay the course with eating healthy, cardio and squats and lunges. Humph, I have been and yes it is helping but not enough. IS it ever enough?

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  1. June 18, 2010 4:13 pm

    To lose thigh fat, exercises is not enough. Food takes care of 80% of the problem. To lose thigh fat you need to lower your body fat percentage.

    • June 20, 2010 10:00 am

      Thanks LoseThighFat for the input; dieting has gotten to be my worst part about the weight loss-exercise is my go to. I have to restart my will-power, thanks for the heads up on the 80%-food shouldn’t be that important, but I will do better!

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