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I Love Doing Good…I Hate Setbacks

July 8, 2010

You are doing good by eating the healthy salads and drinking the iced non-fat vanilla lattes from Starbucks, exercising at the gym every day for the required one hour and doing the requisite strength training then BAM-you fall off the wagon.  We all know what it is like to look down and see life going in the wrong direction.

I love doing good. Doing good at anything makes me feel good, especially because I am a very competitive person. It really doesn’t matter what I am doing, whether it is at work, doing errands, or yep you guessed it-weight loss, I am super competitive with myself. I love the feeling of shaving off a few seconds on my 2 mile run, dropping an extra few ounces on weigh-in day, or beating my last typing test score of 61 wpm with 4 errors. I am telling you, the best person to compete with it yourself, it is good accountability.

I love how I feel when I am doing good. I always feel upbeat and happy if I have done the entire 60 minutes on the ole treadmill at 15% incline-that sucker gets me every time, but it sure feels great when I am done. I love the positive feeling I get when I have a good weigh-in, I don’t care that it is a just 2 ounces lost. It is a proud feeling that I kept my eating on track and the workouts I succeeded in. I love after I have applied for a job that I get an interview, because those suckers are hard to come by. With so many people out of work, that I actually got a call-yep, I am on a high…I really would like that feeling now. It has been awhile in coming.

I love how everything takes on a rosy glow when I am at my best. Life doesn’t seem so hard, job searching is actually fun, eating salads and smoothies are yummy all the time and Shredding and Crunch work don’t seem so tough. Succeeding at whatever it is you are doing or when you are trying something new, it just is fun to be alive at that time. The world doesn’t look so bleak with wars and oil spills, but like you can do everything in your power to change what it is wrong-with yourself, your surroundings and the world. Optimism can be fun.

Tips from the Mayo Clinic on overcoming setbacks:

°          Take charge and accept responsibility
°          Be gentle with yourself and practice self-forgiveness
°          Buy time by taking a short break before indulging
°          Ask for and accept help from others
°          Problem-solve as you go instead of criticizing
°          Recommit to your goals no matter what the are

I hate setbacks. Life setbacks always lead to health setbacks. It is an undeniable truth that if something is going bad in your life-job searching not panning out, fight with friends, bad date-succumbing to overeating happens. Crappy but true. Why? Because it is second nature to most of us, though personally boredom is when I go for it. Even if we have the greatest support system imaginable, it is hard to appease the hard feelings we associate with let downs with going for a run or drinking a glass of water. I am the first to say that I wish I could do this. Even though it makes me happy to do those things and am proud of myself afterwards, at the time the bad behavior gets the best of me.

I hate feeling like a failure when I don’t do well. Applied for tons of jobs and no calls; did Turbo Jam and 3 mile walking tape and thought I ate good enough but gained weight; drank 5 liters of water in one day because I refused to drink anything else and didn’t want to over eat and was super bloated the next day. Feelings of failure abound in my head. Not only that but then I start over thinking everything I did. Did I apply for enough jobs that day, did my heart rate get high enough while jamming or should I have jogged the 3 miles instead of walked, should I have drank that much water or should I have just given in and had some juice or tea instead.

I hate taking my bad feelings out on other people. It is inevitable that whatever you are feeling is going to run over to whoever you are conversing with. My poor sister-in-law, cousins and mom never hear the end of my short comings. They all are super supportive of me and everything I do, I just never let them hear the end of my supposed failings though. I need to learn to think positive about myself-goes back to the “you say it you create it” thing, hard for a pessimist like myself to do. Nothing can change in life without believing will first.

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  1. Linda permalink
    July 8, 2010 3:47 pm

    Having people you can be open with, share your concerns, or your pessimism, is so important. The people that care about you don’t mind hearing from you – because you are also there for them!

  2. Ana permalink
    July 9, 2010 12:20 pm

    I like your web…so real!!

  3. Ana permalink
    July 9, 2010 12:39 pm

    …I meant your blogs!! =) I love the way you talk ,is like you are ‘representing’ the millions of women out there having the same concerns!

  4. August 6, 2010 8:01 am

    Ugh, totally know what you mean. Just jumped on the Wii Fit and it told me I was 1.3 pounds heavier, when I had just lost 3 pounds, and I swear I didn’t eat much yesterday except for 1 meal. It’s a struggle with weight loss and a total marathon.

  5. September 4, 2010 3:11 pm

    Well said! …And too true! It is very easy to be positive when all is going according to the plan; it’s those down days that make ‘being positive’ a real choice!

    Btw, I love to run…it ALWAYS clears my head and helps me keep my good attitude on life, but when I’m annoyed, angry, or just plain ‘out of sorts’ the last thing I’m willing to do is follow through when someone suggests I “Go for a run!”

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