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I Love Recording My Workouts…I Hate Needing to Review Them

July 22, 2010

Cute Workout Recorder


Feeling proud of myself for all that I accomplished during the day. A sense of awe at what I can now do and how strong my body has become.  Seeing the benefits of being healthy in every way, by keeping proof of all I have done. Watching the progressive loss of pounds and inches; logging what you do is very effective.   

I love recording my workouts. Getting to see on paper what I have done, or rather put myself through, is so cool. I posted before that I am not so great at recording my eating habits-which I seriously need to get into-but I can remember to record my workouts no problem. I record the workout-however many I do in a day-and my heart rate-so I know where I am at and need to improve. Recording my workouts also keeps me accountable so I know when I start slacking, though the scale lets me know that also. 

I love being impressed with how much I have worked out. It sounds silly, but for a person who never worked out before gastric bypass surgery-and how much it hurt to walk any distance then-to now being able to do Jillian, Chalene, Ellen and Leslie, I just can’t be more proud of myself. I also get impressed with my stamina. Being able to do Turbo Jam and Ab Jam at lunch and then 3 mile or 5 mile walking tape after dinner, sheesh that is awesome! Or doing a 2.03 mile jog at lunch and then immediately get back and do Shred #1, and the walking tape after dinner. I just get so excited! It’s fun to proud of your accomplishments. 

I also love seeing where I need improvement. I like being able to review past workouts and seeing what days I was doing what, and how much I need improvement. Because I record my weight and inches lost weekly, I can go back and see what I was doing at that specific weight range and assess what I was doing and then start back with that. I also like going back over the logs to see where I need to switch up my workouts, so I can get myself out of a rut. Seeing that by just doing one type of workout isn’t helping my weight loss, I can go back over everything and pick something else that was working for me and switch it out. 

Sample workout log:

FRIDAY 3 mile walk tape
SUNDAY Run 22min 11sec
MONDAY 20 min Turbo Jam, Turbo Sculpt, 3 mile walk tape
TUESDAY Run 21min 53sec
WEDNESDAY Shred #1, 3 mile walk tape
THURSDAY Shred #2, 3 mile walk tape


I hate needing to review my workout logs. Because I need to review my workout logs, it means that I have either totally lost sight of what healthy eating looks like or my workouts have become practically non-existent. I do know that some of my healthy eating habits have fallen a bit to the wayside, but workouts have thoroughly relaxed to the point of pure and total laziness. From doing a ton of workouts a day or doing a 2 mile jog and eating super healthy that day, to strolling through the 3 mile walking tape or just plain not working out at all the need to review is undeniable. By logging my weight and inches lost I get to see firsthand what and when things are not right. 

I hate know that I am slacking. By reviewing my workouts I am able to see that I really am slacking off; that it isn’t my body rebelling against me. Seeing everything in writing, and being the dreaded accountable, I can look at the workouts I have been doing that aren’t helping me lose weight with what was working before and restart there. By also logging my heart rate with each workout, it tells me that the workouts I am doing, when I think I am doing good, I am really not because my heart rate was not even past the 140’s. Really not putting my heart (pun intended) into the workout, because if it isn’t pumping fast enough you are not working hard enough. 

I hate seeing how much I am not doing now. It is unreal how much I don’t want to work out. Seeing in writing what produced my recent almost twenty pound weight loss and not wanting or having the energy to do the same to keep it going is frustrating. I think about working out all the time; I go to sleep thinking of what I am going to do the next day, and how much better I will feel because of it and finally how many workouts I will be able to do. But the next morning, when the time comes for me to do the actual workouts I feel blah and don’t want to do it, or I get started and crap out during the middle and don’t put the effort into it or just plain stop midway. Yuck for me.

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