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I Love Workout Videos…I Hate How Expensive Some Are

July 28, 2010

It is a way to get your stress out quick or to work your butt off for an hour. It is a way to get some exercise without leaving the house. It is for the hard-core or beginners; there is always something to do. Aerobics or kick-boxing, ab work or yoga you can have a different type for every day of the week.

I love doing workout videos. I like exercising at home just because it is so darn convenient. Yes, I slack off on the at-home videos just like the gym, but the videos means no excuses aloud. Lazy? Check. No time? Check. Work to do? Check. Too bad, pop in a video and at least do as much as you can for as long as you can. Don’t think you are pushing it as hard as you would like at the gym? Put your heart rate monitor on and use this scale to see if you are working it.

I love that it is in private where no one can see you and you are not embarrassed by your body. I like that I can pop in a video and go for it in my pajamas or the crappiest clothes I have and not be self-conscious about it. I also like that if I am having a “fat” day, I can do some exercising at home without worrying about what other people are thinking. When I am having one of those days all I can think about is how I look, and the last thing I need to worry about is if other people are thinking the same thing I am.  

I also love that no matter what type of exercise you want, there is an exercise video out there for you. Want to go from couch to a 5k? Try Leslie Sansone’s 5 Mile Fat Burning Walk, Kathy Smith’s Matrix System: Power Walk or Denise Austin’s Blast Away Pounds-Indoor Walk. Want to cross train? Try Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred, Cathe Friedrich Body Blast Series or Gilad‘s Interval Training. Need some at home strength training? I love Chalene Johnson’s Turbo Scuplt. You can also try Jillians No More Trouble Zones, Biggest Loser‘s Power Sculpt or Ellen Barrett‘s Crunch-Burn and Firm Pilates-this is a dancy-style low impact Pilates strength training DVD.

I hate how expensive some of the videos are. Seriously, why do they need to be over $20? And really I am being generous with $20. Jillian, one of the most popular trainers-well, person really-of the year, charges less than fifteen bucks for her DVD’s. And that is even on her website where she could get people to spend loads of money. With all the websites out there that cater to people who are cheap, it is still shocking to me that other trainers can afford to charge so much money per DVD.

I hate that I can’t afford to try Bob Harpers new workout DVD’s or Chalean Extreme-they are just to dang expensive to try. I don’t want to feel like I can’t get a good workout by other, cheaper workout DVD’s because I want to try the new and popular ones, but dang. I love both of these trainers and want to support them; I even want to take a trip to L.A. just so I can take one of their classes at their gyms that is how much I love both of them.***FYI Bob is having a sale right now on his DVD’s.

I was going through the internet trying to confirm some of the prices and the DVD’s and found other workouts that look cool and I would enjoy trying at least once, but really? $100? One was called Insanity, and boy did it look insane-like a Jillian-on-crack workout. What about P90X? My sister-in-law is trying this one right now and it is very popular, but the price is seriously ouch also. Come on, give the people who can’t afford gym memberships a chance! I know that the cost of the product far outweighs the actual price because my usage brings it down to pennies in the long run-but the original cost is what I can’t afford.

What about you? Do you have a favorite at-home workout DVD? Or have you tried any of the expensive videos? Can you let me know if they are worth it?

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  1. July 29, 2010 2:44 am

    Nice topics, I got some more valuable topics that, Summer Montabone, CSCS, owner of Summer’s Fitness has created two new fitness DVDs designed to help the viewer stay in shape at home or when traveling. No matter what the fitness level of the viewer, Summer has designed a comprehensive workout program to fit their busy schedule anytime, anywhere.

  2. July 30, 2010 11:30 am

    I thought Bob’s new set was a great deal with 4 dvds for $35.99 (off his website)! The beachbody sets are pricey, but so far the ones I’ve bought are worth it (P90X and Brazil Butt Lift). When you take into account how many discs and complete workouts you’re getting with something like P90X it really comes down to about $10 per disk.

  3. August 5, 2010 3:00 pm

    workout videos are easy tool for people who have less time and are some what unable to leave their house due to some reason, i do love all what u wrote in the i love part of ur post and about the hate part, no doubt about it people are making alot of money out of this, as they know what others need and u know todays business man they are not here to provide convenience to people they are here to make money, so no matter how and from where as long as the demand is there the price we have to pay for them would be high and as the time is passing and their demand is increasing, people who are making money out of it will set more high price for them.

  4. January 15, 2012 2:27 am

    You can find free workout videos now on youtube. For instance this channel is pretty good:

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