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I Love Weddings…I Hate the Behind the Scenes Stuff

August 13, 2010

Beautiful and colorful with flowers aplenty; big, gorgeous dresses in white lace and chiffon. Black tuxes or tan slacks, candles or flower centerpieces, grand old churches or sandy beaches. It seems like everyone is doing it these days, whether it is in a country inn or the parents’ backyard.

I love weddings. I love going to weddings and seeing the different ideas brides have. So far none have been anywhere near the same…except I am Catholic, so the church thing is pretty common. But I have yet to see brides use the same colors or flowers, but most of the men in churches do wear tuxes, and outside men wear tan slacks and white button downs. Did you ever realize before the wedding how much goes on at the actual event? Just choosing the bridesmaid dress was a long time coming for my cousin.

I loved being a bridesmaid. I love my cousin dearly so I was not only amazed that she asked me but thankful because I wanted to spend the most hectic (and best, of course) day of her life with her, near her side. And boy was it stressful, everything was do it yourself, from putting the orange and pink center pieces together, to putting out the chairs in the grassy knoll, to decorating the arch with flowers and laying wood around where the pastor stood. My sister-in-laws wedding where I was a bridesmaid was a totally different setting, at a really nice Marriott outside Las Vegas (not one of the crappy drive-thrus), and was not necessarily laid-back but definitely low-key. It was low stress the day of the event; we got our hair and nails done at a salon, then came back and let the hotel staff do most of the set-up. A whole lot easier and it turned into a very classy ceremony.

I loved shopping for everything for the wedding. I had no say in my cousins bridesmaid dress-thankfully she picked one that looked good on me-and my sister-in-law told us to wear a black dress, very easy. My cousin was very indecisive in all the jewelry and shoes for the bridesmaids, so indecisive she couldn’t make up her mind about them all until four days before the wedding. All the bridesmaids were starting to get worried, but she pulled through. We got our earrings and necklaces from Kohls, during one of their major sales-60% off jewelry-and shoes from Payless. We looked all over for shoes-Payless, Kohl’s, JC Penny’s, Sears, Famous Footwear-and we just couldn’t find anything that matched the watermelon color of the dress perfectly, so she decided on a silver flip flop. It turned out great for the outdoor wedding.

Wedding Stats from The Knot:

  • $28,385 average wedding budget
  • $2,444 spent on photography
  • Age 25 is the average age for a woman, age 26 for a man
  • 149 average number of guests invited to a weddings
  • June is the most popular month for weddings

I hated all the behind the scenes stuff of weddings. I always thought it would be fun to be a wedding planner-getting to be the person to put together a great event, that everyone admired and talked about forever sounded so cool, but after being so involved with my cousin’s wedding I rethought that dream. Before I even got too involved with the actual wedding stuff, we started the dieting and working out regimen. Brides are crazy. I am pretty athletic for my body, but the realization that the bride gets a few months before the big event that she now has to fit herself into that almighty white dress without having to pour herself into it, they go a little insane. Whether they give up a week before the event, or drop to 1000 calories and go hardcore, again they are crazy.

I hated how much money went into the wedding. The statistics from The Knot about wedding money spending was crazy. Who in their right mind spends that much money on one day? I haven’t been lucky enough to get married yet, but I hope I do not go overboard when the day finally comes. I do know though, that the dress I may get crazy on.  But spending roughly $2,000 on flowers? I agree that it is real flowers only for the bridal party, and they should be your favorites, but we all know roses are the most expensive or going for a rare flower that doesn’t grow in your area is going to kill the budget too. Also, I do not believe that the average money spent on the venue is over $12,000. Are you kidding me? I get it if you get married in NYC at the Ritz-Carlton or The Plaza but sheesh, I can’t imagine people who live in small or even semi-large towns have venues that cost that much.

The do-it yourself wedding was really interesting and after doing I get why weddings cost so much-no one wants to do-it themselves. Doing all the arrangements for the tables was not necessarily a hassle, but it sure took forever. The bride was super specific in how she wanted it all to look so she pretty much did it herself. They turned out great, and looked pretty for the outdoor setting, but jeez it seemed that she could have bought ready-made ones for the same price as what she paid for everything that she wanted in them. Also, a lot of people were enlisted in the prep for the wedding. About 20 men were inducted into the setup of the canopies; the friends of her sisters were tasked to find wood and bring it over and set it up nicely where the bride, groom and pastor stood; a friend did all the flower arranging on the arch, and about 4-5 people got the bride ready for the big event.

It was interesting to see the behind the scenes aspect of weddings and wedding prep. I thank Stacy, of KSW fame and my great sister-in-law for giving me the privilege of being a bridesmaid, and my cousin Joanna for letting me stand up with her also.

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  1. October 30, 2010 3:36 pm

    wedding venues beside the beach is the best and most wholesome in my opinion ..

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