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I Love Golden Globe Fashion…I Hate Over The Top

January 16, 2011

I love the Golden Globes, and I love the Golden Globe fashions. I love the Globes because it is a precursor to the SAGs and the Oscars, but I love this one because you get to see all your stars in one place-tv and movie. I love it. I also love that the stars think about their dresses in a sense of setting the style session for the year. The classier the better, you know I am not kind to the inappropriate ones. A lot of stars did good this year but an amazing amount messed up.

Natalie Portman

Catherine and Michael

Let me start with how much I loved Natalie Portman’s dress by Viktor and Rolf. Being pregnant, she said, she actually got to wear a dress she wanted-a flowing one. Well she got one of my nights winning awards in her pale pink one-shoulder flowing gown with a printed flower screened very simply across it. My second winner was Catherine Zeta-Jones. This woman is absolutely gorgeous with her dark hair and olive skin-all she needed was an emerald-green dress by Monique Lhuillier. This dress was an immaculate choice for her with the fitted bodess and flowing bustle style skirt. Wow. And her awesome husband, Michael Douglas, looked healthy and happy as her date.

Eva Longoria

Sofia Vergara

I of course had other dress loves for the night. One was Eva Longoria  in Zac Posen. She looked gorgeous as always in a black floor length gown with a cut-out in the back. Tina Fey looked great this year in a black v-neck gown with ruffles around the arms-I know it sounds weird and oddly warrior-like, but it actually was quite beautiful. Sofia Vergara was amazing in her sexy red Vera Wang gown. This dress is one that I could see on every body type, which is wonderful to see a dress on a red carpet that is more real then dreamlike.

Brad and Angelina

Another couple I loved were Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Okay, it is hard for Brad not to look good in a tux, I mean any guy looks good in black and a bow tie. Then there is Angelina. It would take a lot for this woman to not hit a home run lately and she did not miss the hit this time. She looked exquisite in her sparkly bright emerald-green, boat-neck (boat-neck people, very modest for a starlet) gown and it even had long sleeves. Versace was doing good this year. I also loved that Robert Downey Jr wore a gray suit with a red tie. He is so cooky that he can pull that off at an award show.

Anne Hathaway

Nicole Kidman

Two dresses that are very hit or miss with me were Nicole Kidman’s Prada gown and Anne Hathaway’s Armani gown. Both dresses were on the simple side. Nicole’s dress was the palest yellow, you looked at it and kind of thought it was just her skin color it was so pale. It was a one shoulder with a bow at the waist for a belt type look. The only color you can see on it was the blue and teal pendant at the shoulder. Anne’s dress was really bold with the shoulder pads and the disc type sequins in a blush brown color. I love it, I think. I know I love it cause I love most everything she wears. Both women won with the easy hair styles and not loaded up with jewels, leaving us to look at the dresses.

Helena Bonham Carter

Okay. I hate over the top outfits. Really that is what one dress was. It was nowhere near being appropriate for anything other than the circus. Who thinks it is appropriate-and I understand personal expression and having fun with fashion. But please do not think this was a great choice. Helena Bonham Carter really does know how to pick loser outfits. She has done it before in almost every public outing, so I should not have been surprised. But, alas, I was. She wore a weird Vivienne Westwood black and floral dress, that had a netting-poof on the hip…yes, I said netting. It also had a lightening bolt going up the boob towards her head. And no, that and her horrible hair weren’t even the worst parts. Her shoes. She wore one green and one red heel. Oh man.

Scarlett Johansson

Well after that really big hate, I really can only dislike the others dresses I can’t stand. And I really did hate this one, though. What was Scarlett Johansson thinking? I mean, did she really have to steal Betty Whites dress from Golden Girls? You know the one I mean. The episode where Rose, Dorothy and Blanche enter the dancing contest and Rose does that mega dancing scene? It is so that dress! The pink sequins and kimono sleeves anyone? And goodness, her hair. I get that she likes the retro look, but can you comb it first? Wow, Elie Saab really missed the mark, need I say more?

Claire Danes

A few that were weird. Green and hot pink were the colors of the night-the greens done beautifully, and the pink hmm. It is just a weird color to choose for a red carpet dress. Claire Danes had a color miss. Claire wore a halter style gown from Calvin Klein Collection. Now it is a minimal style gown, which is good but the color is so bright, it takes away from her coloring. I think it totally washed her out.

Olivia Wilde

I will leave you with a list of a few others I just didn’t approve of. Amy Adams won the award for weird bow placement. Why add accessories to a dress that was otherwise amazing? The added froufrouness, on the shoulder and hip. The navy dress was a perfect color for her skin and hair types. Julianne Moore, she just always misses the mark for me. She wore a one-shoulder gown by Lanvin in a cherry red. The color suited her but the arm on the dress looked like it was tacked down to her hip. I don’t know.  The last was Olivia Wilde. When I saw her I immediately thought prom dress. Who wears prom dresses to red carpet events. Now, I know the dresses are just glorified-expensive-prom dresses but really. This was one. It was a chocolate brown that was seriously bejeweled. She styled it with a pair of yellow stilleto booties.

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