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I Love The Closer…I Hate it Ending

August 5, 2012

The wittiness of Brenda, the crankiness of Provenza and slyness of Commander Taylor; how each character has evolved through the seasons. All the Thank Yews Brenda doles out with sass and the IT and the everything expertise Tao spews without a thought. As a modern yet modest woman in a high-powered position, she kicks butts and takes no prisoners for what she does or believes.

I love the TNT hit The Closer; but, gosh really who doesn’t?  I hadn’t watched the first couple seasons, it just didn’t seem like a show I was be interested in but Mom told me to give it a shot so when I did I was hooked. Yup, Mom was right. It just pulls you in; it has the suspense of a classic cop-and-robber show, and the comic relief of any prime-time comedy hit. You just can’t get enough of the mystery of the each new case and how Brenda will figure out who the killer is and how they did it. She never ceases to amaze me how her brain makes the leap from seeking out the perp to actually figuring it out…usually after some spoken phrase from another character.

I love that in the beginning of the show nobody liked Brenda, that Flynn practically spit on her and Taylor ousted her on her ethics charge and as a home wrecker. I love all of that because in the end everyone saw how amazing she is at her job and stopped giving her grief and let her do what she does best, catching bad guys. I also love that her character, for all her flaws, is one of the most modest in dress characters on TV. She never wears low-cut tops or too short skirts; she does show some skin in her slips but, with how much she is covered up throughout the rest of the shows it barely is noticeable. And most importantly, I love that she always has her big handbag and a pair of heels on. Yup, true lady-heels and bag! I also love that the cast wears the same color palate. Have you ever noticed that there is no standout clothes horse and they all match?

I really love Kyra Sedgwick. Not only has she been in a harsh business for more than 30 years, but she has not changed in the entire time. I don’t just mean as a person, but in her appearance and weight. With so many celebrities, young and older, being put through the paparazzi ringer, she has managed to not only stay the same but if possible become more beautiful. She has aged with grace, stayed the same slim and gorgeous women and doesn’t seem to put on airs like she is better than others. It is also wonderful to me that she and her husband, Kevin Bacon, have been married close to 24 years and it shows when you see them at awards shows that they are a great couple and truly love each other. Again, in that industry, they have proven it is possible to stay married through harsh times, i.e. losing an undisclosed amount of money to Bernie Madoff, and come out the other side stronger and happier.

I hate that The Closer is ending. I hate that the last two episodes of this great series is over in the next two weeks. I hate that I will not see this great drama, which has brought about a powerful woman character that doesn’t put up with anything and pulls emotions from me better than any other show on TV, is over and I won’t see anything new. I hate that my friends, Brenda and Fritz and the whole lot, will not be available for my entertainment anymore. I hate that I will not get to see what she will wear next, what she will do to the next murderer, or get to see how Chief Pope tries to screw her over. The good-bye to us all at the end of the series is going to be tough, but watching Kyra say good-bye was horrible. Tears people!

I also hate that with the last two-to-three seasons we have been dealing with Brenda’s gang trial and the leak in the department. I mean, who else hasn’t been clawing their eyes out trying to figure out who the leak is and about to go mad with wanting to know? Seriously, it can’t be just me and my mom, because we discuss it every Monday night after each show. And really, they are waiting to the last of the last minutes to fill us in. And now, Brenda’s amazingly forgiving mom died? Really? Holy goodness was I in horrible sobs with her! Brenda’s pain was so raw; it was like I had really lost her mom. For Kyra to pull that type of emotion from you is a true gift of acting. I had thought it was going to be her dad, since he had been having the bad reaction to the meds for his cancer. Man, talk about faking us all out.

I hate that nothing else on TV is as good as The Closer. There is nothing on TV, especially cop shows, that can or will replace The Closer cast. They have put such an amazing spin on sarcasm and hilarity that I can’t think of another show being so entertaining. The only other TV show on right now that I have stuck with from the beginning is the NBC hit Law and Order: SVU, and with Elliot leaving the show it just isn’t the same anymore. I still watch it and support it because I absolutely love Mariska Hargitay, but it really isn’t the same. I am not a fan of change and with TNT starting the new show Major Crimes I just don’t know how the show is going to do. It seems like they are leaving all the characters the same, but with Captain Radar as the lead female. I just don’t know how they are going to work, and not knowing what the finale is going to bring as the reason for Fritz being on the show on and not Brenda, I just don’t know. Ugh, I hate not knowing! I really hope it does the trick for us Closerites, because I will still need those characters in my life!

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