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I Love My New Job…I Hate Not Knowing Everything

September 13, 2010

The nerves about starting the new job have passed, the stress of meeting new people and impressing the bosses are long gone. I have figured out the way to get to work, and the quickest way home. My new nice work clothes set me apart from the rest of the staff because my office is in the way-too-laid-back casual work clothes environment.

I love my new job and it is going great. It is easy work-you know lots of filing, doing data entry, answering phones and checking in visitors. It is really interesting learning about the work also. I have never worked in construction or engineering so getting to see the ins and outs of it is fascinating. Within the first few days of work I got to go out to a work site-they are rebuilding the levees in the city and my work is seeing it get done-and I got to see them digging the trenches with the big excavators. Man, if you have not worked in the industry before it is really cool to see it actually getting done and seeing the completed creation.  You also don’t know how much goes into a contract. All the submittals that contractors have to turn in for every little thing or the modifications that have to be added to a contract.

I love my bosses; they are really cool and laid back. On my first day they took me and the other new girl out to lunch to get to know us; I have never worked for someone who cared to know every little thing about you. They don’t get upset about anything that I have noticed yet, so that is really nice. Also, the people who work there are very helpful and easily answer questions-no matter how often I ask the same one. My first day another woman started with me, she worked for the same agency in another state so she knew what she was getting into. It is hard starting at the same time with someone else, especially when that person has such an overpowering personality that they overshadow any effort you put in to get the attention you deserve. The first week was the hardest with the other new lady, but now I understand where she is coming from and I have come to like her, not be annoyed by her.

I love that the work is so easy. My work consists mainly of data entry. Data entry is so mindless that you can do it while thinking about quantum physics. And answering phones-all I do is answer them and transfer the calls and my phone doesn’t even ring that much. Everyone knows the extensions they need so my phone rarely goes off. It actually startles me when it does because it doesn’t ring that much. Who doesn’t love going into a new position having their duties be so easy. The filing is all numerical so thankfully I am a good counter; the mailings I send out get separated into groups that are always the same. The shredding is only on certified payroll items-which doesn’t happen often because things get kept for so long. Also, we are going through all the contracts and relabeling and reorganizing and this is the best thing since I am getting to learn the contracts and where things go without having to constantly ask people questions.

I hate not knowing everything. I know that this is a new job, but really I hate not knowing everything right off the bat. As I said, the job is so easy that I feel like I am dumb for not knowing everything. My first day people were telling me how easy the agency specific computer system was-like I am stupid and have never used a computer before or something. I am not unintelligent or computer illiterate, I know how to do things, and really data entry is not hard. But it is the other stuff. It is learning all of the other stuff. I want to impress everyone by picking up on everything quickly, so that I look good in everyone’s eyes, not like I am unintelligent or computer illiterate. I don’t want my coworkers or bosses to think they made the wrong decision in hiring me.

I hate being talked to by my boss about things I have done wrong. Granted, again, I have only been at this job six weeks now-and she talked to me about this at week two-but I hate my boss thinking I don’t know something or can’t do something correctly. Again-easy job and I don’t want her thinking that I am scatter brained or a complete idiot. She sat me down and went over the guidelines for memo and letter writing-I have to go over the staffs letters before I turn them into the boss, so she doesn’t have to correct a bunch of stuff…I have never claimed to be a great writer, especially when that writing is done in a work setting where it is important. I really hate that she had to go over letters in front of me that I had reviewed and “fixed” myself and “bled” all over them-she calls it “bleeding” when she uses the ghastly red pen to do corrections…like I am in school again or something. Oh man, I felt two feet tall and wanted to go in the bathroom and cry in frustration. It was horrible-THEN everyone suddenly had letters for her approval to go out. I spent almost the whole day toiling over those letters-about 15 total-so she would think I listened to her and didn’t have to “bleed” all over them. The next day when she handed 12 back to me signed and no blood she thanked for turning it all around. Oh man, talk about sigh of relief heard round the world!

I hate when staff suddenly spring things on me that I supposedly should have known but didn’t. I take things so personally when I don’t know things that I get upset when someone tells me when I have been doing something wrong for the last six weeks. The person who had been training me had only started at her job a few weeks before me and had only one week of training, so if she didn’t know something that meant I didn’t know it either. So when coworkers start telling me that items don’t get distributed without a memo being written and asking where these items were…uh, whoops. Or my boss once again telling me that I have been doing something I shouldn’t have. This thankfully was really miniscule like not to date stamp something, when everyone initially said everything that comes in gets a date stamp. It’s the fact that I am getting told things that I have been doing presumably correctly have been in actuality incorrect.

It will get better; next week I will do everything correctly and remember that some things don’t go straight out like I was doing. My boss will be impressed that I am doing good at turning in letters and memos that don’t need the dreaded red pen markings. I will continue to be the efficient and reliable person that I know I am and try not to take things so personally.


I Love Magazine Workout Guides…I Hate that I Don’t Use Them

September 3, 2010

You have all seen them. They are in most magazines now, not just the health periodicals. It doesn’t matter what type of exercise you are looking for-strength, circuit training or cardio-they are there. If you are looking for weighted ideas or you are want to perfect your form they are there. They have the summer ones to get your bikini ready, or winter wonderland ones to get you in ski-bunny form and prepped for snowboard season…and of course the spring ones to get you back in top form from all the yummy holiday goodness. 

I love magazine workouts and workout cards. I love that I can flip through most magazines and come across another exercise idea. I do workout videos on a regular basis, but man they get boring and just plain tiresome when you do them all the time. Constantly doing the same exercises and being able to anticipate upcoming moves and say the script with the instructor does not constitute a good workout. You get a little, or a lot really, complacent with the workout. The workout cards or articles give you a new way to do moves or even a different routine for them. You can use them to add on to or do them before you start your video, or if you are planning a run they are good for when you get back and want to use your heightened heart-rate to your advantage, the cards are a great tool. 

I love that I can do these exercises without anyone watching. You know when you go to an exercise class at the gym you are unsure of yourself, or are afraid you will look foolish, or that you won’t be able to do the move correctly or in time with everyone else. Workout cards are like little practices. It helps also when you have tried a video that kicked your butt the first time (for me it was Yoga Meltdown, my arms hurt so bad!) or were even to timid to do or finish, the cards are great rehearsals. You just pull them out and can do them one at a time. They are also a great instrument for people who don’t work out and want to start or have injuries. They can be as low impact as your body wants and you can work up to your full potential by doing them regularly. 

I am working up to this


I love that cards let go at your own pace. Everyone’s pace is different. I always feel like I am flying through the routine in step class, but when I look up I notice everyone is done and breaking and I am still kicking and stepping. Or in strength class when everyone else is lunging to their knees, I am lucky to push-up from half way to the floor. If you are beginning to workout you can just choose one type of exercise at a time, like just doing squats, and practice until you are comfortable with them. Start slow and don’t go deep and then work your way up to seated squats. Same with arm exercises, start with a light weight and then do them until it feels like you can move up to heavier weights. When you are comfortable you just add more exercises to your little routines you have put together. When you tear out a bunch of the workouts from different magazines you can do all types of the same base exercise. 

I hate that I rarely use them. I am like everyone else; I tear them out of magazines and put them with the others in their special place with the other exercise equipment, but those happen to not get used. Call it stubbornness, laziness, lack of will power, but I just never get around to it. Commercials during television programs are reserved for bathroom breaks, getting something to drink, chatting or just plain zoning out. Also, the only time I remember to do them is when I am gung-ho going for a workout video that I am determined to get through. The cards are my last resort-meaning I have probably fallen asleep as I think about picking one up and giving it a shot. If I do remember them, I will go through my stack looking for the one in particular I feel like doing-usually it will be the ab workouts that you lay down and do-then I just lay there and end up watching TV on the floor. Kind of pointless. 

Yoga with Kettleball


I hate that they use too much equipment. Who wants to go out and purchase more exercise stuff? I mean we buy the hand weights to go with the videos, but other equipment too? Bodybars are not cheap and they come in so many weights, which one do you choose? Kettleballs; yeah, you can start with the five-pound one but how long will that weight last you? I saw one in a magazine that the base is a certain weight and then you hook on attachment weights-it was $100, no thanks. A step and risers for cardio routine, that is costly also. The only cheap thing to buy is the band; you can get a set of resistance bands for about $11 at Also, we buy gym memberships so we can go to the gym and have encouragement to help us get through the strenuous workouts. And they are strenuous when you start adding bodybars and kettleballs-those suckers really work your inner thighs! I am the type that unless I have a teacher showing me and doing it with me-whether it be at the gym or on a video-I won’t give it my all or even do it. 

Step and Risers


I hate when they do weird things with the extras. One magazines set of cards had you putting the band around a very tall “sturdy” object and doing pull downs. Who in the world has either a bed frame with tall canopy style poles or cut outs in their walls with enough useable space to wrap around it and pull down? Now most of the exercises are reasonable-seated rows, frog pushes or curtsy lunges with sword draws-but when they add the weird stuff it doesn’t make me want to try it, let alone rip it out of the magazine and give it a shot. I am easily intimidated by exercises that I haven’t tried before, so adding new equipment let alone different or unusual ways of using the equipment, I get scared and won’t try it. Or trash-talk it and say that I hate it. Really it is me; I should just get over it and do it…

Update-I Loved the Primetime Emmys…I Hated a Lot of the Dresses

August 29, 2010

Okay, I am just going to give it all to you…  

Jimmy Fallon did an alright job as host of the Primetime Emmys. The opening could have been better. I should have known they would do a play off of Glee. Not all that great, though. And the weird guitar and singing bits after each commercial break. Jeez, I was done with it.  

Let me start with the Love’s, of course. There unfortunately weren’t all that many to be Lovin’ this year. Very disappointing, but the ones that were great-were great!  

Kyra Sedgwick & Kevin Bacon


Julia Louis-Dreyfus


Mariska Hargitay


These lead actresses all looked wonderful in their uncomplicated gowns. Kyra Sedgwick looked beautiful in her very simple wine colored dress. It flowed nicely around her, though it had an odd look to it like it wanted to be velvet but was more broomstick-style fabric. Mariska Hargitay was amazing as always. It was probably the simplest dress she had ever worn, and she looked wonderful in it. It was a corset style top, of course, with an uncomplicated train in a pale pink color. It was just gorgeous on her.  Julia Louis-Dreyfus showed some skin in a black dress that had a stomach cut-out covered in black mesh. It was a sophisticated style that had a little flash, and looked just amazing on her.  

Lea Michele


Eva Longoria-Parker


Lea Michele, in Oscar de la Renta, looked great in her age appropriate dress. It was navy blue and looked great against her skin color-and you know I am not frou-frou, but I didn’t mind the bottom of her dress, it was actually kind of cute. The other frou-frou I didn’t mind was Eva Longoria’s. Her Robert Rodriguez dress was a tight corset type on top, and covered in roses all over the bottom. It was a little weird, I do admit that, but on her it looked amazing.  

Claire Danes  

Kelly Osbourne


Claire Danes in Armani Prive looked amazing. The dress looked like a crystallized dream, and I would recommend not drinking anything because it would be hard to go to the bathroom! Kelly Osbourne looked fabulous in her black Tony Ward Couture gown. In her new slimmed down frame, the kimono-esque top and skinny bottom with a diamond pattern could do nothing for her but flatter.  

The Hates…were ugly, and abnormal, and really, really Hate worthy.  

Lauren Graham




Oh Lauren Graham. She can be pretty random with her dresses, but dang did she miss the mark big time this year. Her Yigal Azrouel black and white ensemble, because you can’t really call it a dress, looked terrible-it was more like an unfinished dress with the white part just tossed there and then stitched quickly in place. Jewel also looked terrible in her Zuhair Murad pink dress which looked like it could be from the 1800’s and not in a good way. The color completely washed her out, the bow was too young for her and it was really just a wedding-dress-tiered-mess.  

Emily Deshanel


Jane Krakowski


Emily Deschanel looked beautiful, but her dress had weird fans all over it. The color though against her skin and her hair looked fabulous, but thank goodness I didn’t know her designer because it was probably someone who should have done a better job. Jane Krakowski looked weird in her Escada gown that had a droopy flower looking thing on the shoulder-and she had one huge hip, with like extra fabric just laying there. It was like she pulled the plug on the oomph of the dress, leaving just blah.  

January Jones


Christina Hendricks


Okay what was with the Mad Men women dressing like birds? January Jones-oh man, that dress was just plain ugly. Her poor Versace, it looked like a blue-peacock and it wasn’t a cute one either. Um, tiny cups much? Why do women who have small busts accentuate that by putting small cones on them? Really, there was no way to save that dress. Side note-what was with her hair? She couldn’t have combed it?  And jeez, Christina Hendricks missed the mark completely. Her feathery Zac Posen gown was just wrongly weird. She looked like she was trying to be a lilacish bird, with the feathers on the shoulders. I don’t even know if the dress could have been saved by taking the feathers off.  

Anna Paquin


Carrie Preston


Rutina Wesley


The True Blood female cast all looked terrible. Anna Paquin in Alexander McQueen, looked like a gladiator also-another bomb for this poor designer. Carrie Preston looked terrible also, in a weird red and blue leopard print gown. And then there is Rutina Wesley. Really, if this was one of your first Emmy Awards, why would you come in a silver-zebra-type gown? It seemed that they cast got together and decided to try and be weird-at least I hope so because the only alternative is that they just have horrible style…  

So here are the winners, in case you missed them.

Lead Actor-Comedy-Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory Lead Actor-Drama-Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad
Lead Actress-Comedy-Edie Falco, Nurse Jackie Lead Actress-Drama-Kyra Sedgwick, The Closer
Supporting Actor-Comedy-Eric Stonestreet, Modern Family Supporting Actor-Drama-Aaron Paul-Breaking Bad
Supporting Actress-Comedy-Jane Lynch, Glee Supporting Actress-Drama-Archie Panjabi, The Good Wife
Best Comedy-Modern Family Best Drama-Mad Men

I Love the Primetime Emmys…I Hate So Many Faves Nominated

August 29, 2010

Okay, you could say I watch too much television. I watch more than the recommended two hours a day. I do get close to two hours of exercise a day, but I watch television while I eat…shame on me. I don’t do squats, lunges, sit-ups or push-ups during commercials, though I have been known to put in a Leslie Sansone walking tape in the ole laptop and watch Biggest Loser while exercising. So, yeah, I love TV.

I love the Primetime Emmy Awards. I love to watch the Emmys more than the Oscars really, because I actually care about all the nominated stars more in the Emmys. The Oscars are about hyped up movie actors who do one movie project a year, and then promote it until we don’t care about it anymore. Television actors work year round doing long days every day; they don’t promote their shows except going on talk shows at the beginning of the season and they are usually the less popular stars and not as known in the acting world when they hit it big on TV. Another reason I like the Emmys is because the awards are all relevant to the show. We are watching actors and actresses getting awards, not the behind the scenes people who I don’t know anything about-rude, I know.

I love that I can count on my favorite actresses to get nominated. With television actors you know that they bring their A-game to each and every show, because television programming is a fickle business. To many low ratings and a television network will drop a TV show like a hot potato. My favorite shows are drama shows; my two favorites are Law and Order: SVU and The Closer. I think all the actors in both shows should be nominated, as well as the shows themselves. And you know that a show is good when the lead actress is nominated seven times in a row like with Mariska Hargitay and five times in a row like with Kyra Sedgwick. I also love Julianna Margulies, and would love to see her win again, since the last time she won was in 1995 and nominated five times for ER.

 Mariska Hargitay  Kyra Sedgwick  Julianna Hargitay

I also love to see what the stars where at the Emmys. The Emmys seem to have a classy air to them, the stars not dressing in ostentatious gowns but more sedate and respectable. The stars usually dress in more covered and elegant dresses, not like the Oscars where they dress in elaborate and flashy garb that is only to get noticed in. I am not saying that the Emmy-dressers don’t dress expensively and can get flamboyant also, but they seem to be more about coming for the awards and seeing the show. It also seems like there are less bad/tacky dresses going on than at other award shows. I think movie stars are used to people thinking they rock no matter what, but TV actors are used to wearing jeans and t-shirts during their shows so they like to choose classy and dressy items to get noticed in.

I hate that so many of my favorite stars are nominated at the same time. That is really the good thing about the Oscars-I usually only care about one actor in a category. How can I choose or even root for one actor or actress when I like a lot of them. I am happy for the winners-unless I didn’t like them to begin with-but then I feel bad for the ones who didn’t win. It is a little bittersweet, and I don’t even know these people. Who can choose between Matthew Fox and Jon Hamm? Or Steve Carell and Tony Shalhoub? What about Terry O’Quinn and Andre Braugher, or Jon Cryer and Neil Patrick Harris? It gets confusing to keep track of them all-like I need a scorecard or something.

I hate that my favorite shows don’t even get the nod. The actresses in the shows get a nomination-not even an award, just nominated-but the show gets the shaft all the time. I realize Law and Order: SVU has been on the air forever, but something about it is going right if Mariska Hartigay keeps getting nominated. Same with The Closer, it is a great show and no nod. I loved the Pacific mini-series by Tom Hanks, but no actor nods-crazy. It is like a popularity contest sometimes. And what about the Biggest Loser not getting nominated in the category for Outstanding Reality – Competition Program-are you kidding me? The Biggest Loser is the most popular competition reality show on the air, and no nomination? Are they crazy? Who doesn’t want to see Jillian Michaels all gussied up and winning an award?

I hate that the nominations seem like a popularity contest sometimes. If there is a new and recently popular show that has come on, every year they get a show nomination and they usually take up the acting awards too. Mad Men is this year’s favorite again. I agree that shows, if they are good and deserving, should have multiple nominations, but some just don’t deserve it. True Blood? Nope, I would rather read the books-the series is so much better! And Glee is the year’s new-fangled favorite again that is singing its way to the top of every chart. Can’t say I have watched the show, I have heard the remake of a few of their songs, but give others a chance.

Do you have a favorite star or show that was or wasn’t nominated-or do you disagree with my faves?

I Love Glowing Skin…I Hate Acne

August 28, 2010

How is your skin doing today? Does it ever feel like you can never do right by it? That you eat healthy all day with the five fruits and vegetables, liters of water and no processed sugar and still you get pimples. Does it seem like the older you get the more zits you get, or the hormonal changes happen and boom-some zits? Grr, it is so frustrating having to wear cover-up all the time because there are things are on your face that aren’t needed.

I love glowing skin. When I have pimples, zits, spots, white heads, blemishes-whatever you want to call it, I get so self-conscious because it feels like everyone sees what I see in the mirror. I love when the few days a month I have clear and healthy skin. Oh man, when I don’t have to slap on the cover-up it is a good day. Do you how much time you save in the morning when you don’t have to put so much make-up on? Yeesh, if all days could be like that I could sleep later or take my time driving to work or actually eat breakfast at home instead of in the car!

I love sunscreen. Sunscreen, sunscreen, and more sunscreen-we are at the worst part of summer when everyone is outside trying to soak up the last of the rays before school gets to heavy, or the weather changes and we have no more sun for awhile. Even if it isn’t hot outside and it is just a sunny cool day, sunscreen is important. For women it is easier since sunscreen is now prevalent in all moisturizers, but we don’t put moisturizer on the rest of our bodies. Have you heard the news reports and magazine articles about skin cancer happening on the left side of people’s bodies? It is because we are driving all the time now, and we don’t have sunscreen or any type of protection on the left side of our faces, necks, arms and hands. The easiest thing to do in the morning is slap on some sunscreen right after you shower that way you don’t have to worry about it when you are hurrying around to get to work on time.

I love that I can eat healthy food for healthy skin. I read recently in a Yahoo article David Zinczenko about the 6 Best Foods for Healthy Skin. It made me look at what I eat and see what I can change or add into my diet to help clear up my skin. We hear all about drinking tons of water for healthy skin. Hmm, I don’t know how much truth is in that because I drink between four and five liters of water a day, and I still get pimples. He listed Salmon which helps lock in moisture in the skin-no help for me since I am a vegetarian, but it is the Omega-3 fatty acids that are needed, so luckily I can eat walnuts and flaxseeds to get the same effects. Carrots, which I love so those will get more prevalent, help to fill in blotches on your skin to give a healthy glow. Avocados, Beans, or legumes, all help to smooth out wrinkles, and Grapes help to stop the skin from sagging-added grape benefit is they help protect us from heart attacks.

10 Fast Skin Fixes:  (great advice in this article)

  1. Wash your face before you go to bed.
  2. Wear sunscreen every day, year-round.
  3. Be nice to your face.
  4. Stop thinking that if your skin feels tight it must be clean.
  5. Banish breakouts.
  6. Keep shine at bay midday.
  7. Wash your face after you do your ‘do.
  8. Clean your makeup brushes weekly.
  9. Change pillowcases often.
  10. Get your beauty rest.

I hate acne. I am way too old to be having it-anyone over seventeen is too old in my book. Why is it that I had absolutely no pimples in high school, but I grow up through my twenties and yep…there they are. I get them at the corners of my mouth, I probably wipe my mouth to much or something, but still! I do not deserve them. I wash my face daily; I use moisturizer, get sleep, drink tons of water and eat healthy. This is the time of my life when I should be living it up and not worrying about skin malfunctions, not covering up even more imperfections.

I hate that there is no for sure cause of acne. Okay, my pores clog. Well, I wash my face-shouldn’t that be good enough? But other than that there is no one cause to say, Don’t Do_____., who should be the ones that know what to do and not do, have some presumptions but no hard facts. Some reasons may be hormones-that makes sense in your teens, diet, evolutionary biology, vitamin deficiency, stress and more…More, how much more could there be, since they list everything that is going on in your life. They say that diet has a direct effect on insulin levels, which directly affects all the hormones in our bodies. They think that a diet that causes insulin spikes affects the development of acne-does that mean diabetics all have acne?

I hate that there are some easy ways to stop or get rid of acne. If it is all so easy, why haven’t I figured it out yet? Easiest ways? Stop touching your face…that is the hardest part for me. I touch my face and wipe my mouth constantly. So oils, bacteria and just plain grime gets moved all around. Blech. Another supposed “easy” way to get rid of acne? Exercise. Well I do that already, and two hours a day sometimes, but still it is there. I am glad I am getting the good exercise in, but come on-I want to reap other benefits too. Something I haven’t tried is benzoyl peroxide which you can buy cheaply over-the-counter and doesn’t come in a heavy lotion form. The benzoly kills the bacterium that causes acne so I think I will add this to my daily routine. Anything to get the stuff to stop popping up.

I Love Jennifer Hudson…I Hate Everything She’s Lived Through

August 22, 2010

She is a real woman who has fought the fat fight over and over and finally won, doing it all in the public eye with the grace of a woman who is true to herself. She used her own will and determination with a little help from a real company that everyone can access and do it cheaply. She eats better, looks better, feels better and lives better.

I love Jennifer Hudson. She doesn’t seek out the paparazzi or the spotlight; she keeps to herself unless she has something cool going on. She does her own thing, and does it in a such a quiet way that she sneaks up on you and then blows you away.  She was a contestant on American Idol and blew us all away with her amazing voice, though she didn’t make it as far as people were touting her to. She wowed us with her acting abilities, and actually gained weight for the role as Effie, in the mega-movie Dreamgirls. She is one of a very few actors that won an Oscar for their debut performance-now that says something about a person who had no formal musical training, and was ousted on American Idol.

I love that Jennifer is in the spotlight for a different reason now. She has been in the gossip magazines throughout her career for her weight fluctuations. Now she is back with a major accomplishment…she has successfully and healthfully dropped from a size 16 to a slim size 6, all with the help of Weight Watchers. She has been criticized for being overweight, heralded during her tenure as overweight Effie in her Oscar winning movie and may even get disparaged by the media for using a weight loss company to finally beat the fat fight. But so what; however you get healthy and stay that way that is the way it should be. And boy did she do it. She is gorgeous-always has been-but now it seems she is more confident than ever and is spreading the word that is a way to finally get to a place that is right for you by doing it in a way that won’t make you feel like you will fail.

I love Weight Watchers. Weight Watchers isn’t like Jenny Craig who uses celebrities to promote weight loss and their program. Weight Watchers is a healthy lifestyle program that advises and gives tools to everyday people, at a price that is acceptable to almost everyone and lets you track your success online, and gives support through face-to-face meetings or online communities. There are plenty of success stories online to review, and we all know someone who is or has done it successfully. They even have FREE online recipes, newsletters sent to your email and workout guides. Even if you don’t have the funds to start now, you can go and get the basics to starting your new lifestyle change immediately.

WW-how it works:

*        Learn to handle hunger and beat temptation
*        Stay fuller longer, with delicious filling foods
*        Make healthy, smart choices second nature
*        Get expert information based on the latest nutritional research
*        Rely on an easy-to-follow, simple plan
*        The Momentum program helps you choose wisely with Points System
*        Adapt the plan to your needs, so it can work for you

I hate everything she has lived through. You know she hasn’t had it easy since her stint on American Idol. Not only were the judges judging her on her voice but also on her weight. She had dropped pounds before making the show, but is that ever good enough for anyone? The public always commenting and criticizing her weight fluctuations-like the public doesn’t know how hard it is to try and lose weight by themselves, let alone doing it in front of millions of people. From a size 16, which happens to be a normal everyday size-and she looked good at 16 because my body never held good form like that-to drop to a healthy weight wasn’t good enough. She gained weight for an acting role where she was heralded for gaining the weight-she just couldn’t win. Now is the time for people to back off-she is happy and looking great.

I hate that she had to learn that her mother, brother and nephew had been tragically murdered in front of everyone and not be able to mourn and grieve for them without one and all watching. Under normal circumstances it would be too much for one normal person to bear, I don’t know how she did it. Jennifer dealt with it, in between closeting herself away and in the public mêlée, with grace and dignity by giving statements when necessary and helping other family members get through the trauma. After not only learning of the tragedy she and her sister had to come to terms with it not being a random slaying, but that her sister’s estranged husband who had done the killing. She said the way she got through the entire crisis was by praying day and night. She also wrote some songs while processing her thoughts, and sang her heart out at the 2009 Grammy Awards when she thought of her family while performing her single “You Brought Me Through.”

Unfortunately Jennifer Hudson may be one of only a few celebrities to have lost family members to murder. Crazy people who are too infatuated with their favorite celebrities usually kill them not family members. Sharon Tate by the Manson family, John Lennon by Mark David Chapman, Rebecca Schaeffer by Robert Bardo, Selena by her fan club president, Tupac Shakur in a drive-by shooting, Gianni Versace by Andrew Phillip Cunanan, Phil Hartman by his wife Brynn Hartman. No matter whose family member it is that passes away it is a tragedy; I just hope people think before they act. It is never okay to take someone else’s life, and it is always sad to have to remember someone in the past tense. Jennifer Hudson has found a way to move forward and remember her family in a positive light; she is also engaged now and has a son. She is doing better and is happy with her new life.

I Love Julianna Margulies…I Hate Her Show Being So Real

August 16, 2010

She is left-handed. She grew up in Spring Valley, New York, near NYC. Her father wrote the classic Alka Seltzer jingle “Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is.” She danced for the American Ballet and lived in Paris and England with her family. She earned a B.A. in liberal arts from Sarah Lawrence College -yep, definite idol material.

I love Julianna Margulies. She is such a classy, sophisticated woman who we can all admire. She chooses roles that have substance and purpose, who you want to get to know better-though she may have erred with Snakes on a Plane, with Samuel L Jackson. She has been nominated for awards and won them, because she is good at what she does. She won an Emmy Award her first season on ER, and was nominated every year after for the Best Supporting Actress in a Television Drama until her departure from the show. She also won a Golden Globe Award and Screen Actors Guild award for her new role on The Good Wife, and has been nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress – Drama Series, making this her seventh Emmy nomination.

I loved her on ER; I grew up wanting to be a nurse because of her but I never had the stomach for the bodily fluids. She played such an honest role, never overdoing it in the normal soap-operaesque dramatic way. Her character had normal everyday issues, and she continues to choose roles in the same vein. Her newest role is Alicia Florrick in the CBS series The Good Wife, and let me just say this show brings real life to the small screen. She plays a mother of two who had to go back to work to support her family while she is going through a divorce from a cheating politico and is doing it in the public eye. It is a show that has taken a popular scandal and turned it into a how-to-get-back-on-track for the cheated on wife.

She is absolutely gorgeous in the new issue of Redbook out August 24th. The pictures of her taken by Gilles Bensimon are breath taking, and you would never guess she just turned 44 and has a 2 ½ year old. She talks about her new role in The Good Wife, and “opens up about the role, her personal life, meeting her husband, and motherhood”. She answers some off-beat questions, such as:  Which is Worse-when your husband tells you how tired you look or when no one seems to notice? She said “When my husband tells me,” and Not sleeping for a day or not talking for a day? She says “Not sleeping for a day. I think the whole world should try not talking for a day.”

I hate her show being so real. There are so many reports of male Governors, Presidential hopefuls, Senators, former speakers and the speaker-elect for the House of Representatives doing it-no pun intended-that it is getting to the point of expectation. How are we supposed to trust our political leaders to do the right thing for our communities and country, if they can’t keep their marriages intact or at least private? Are we just supposed to forgive and forget? Did anyone do that with Clinton when his stupid scandal came out?  It is so publicized now when a politician is caught cheating it is like old hat to the media. Shouldn’t we just kick them to the curb, and get someone better for the job without fawning all over them giving them more attention?

I hate that politicians use their power like a shield, thinking they won’t get caught because people won’t talk about it. Are you kidding? People will do anything for money; media will pay any amount to get dirt on not just elected officials but celebrities too-Tiger Woods and Jesse James anyone? It is crazy how many official leaders are cheating, not even getting caught but cheating. What about the wives and families of the cheaters? Shouldn’t we put more of our attention into them, giving them the sympathy and support they deserve? The betrayal and public humiliation the families feel when they find out must be unbearable, but they go out and stand by the men as if it is still their duties.  

It is sad that a show about a cheating and supposed upstanding man is so popular. Don’t get me wrong, I watch it also and really enjoy it, but just like Law and Order, the circumstances are just all too real sometimes. I wish there wasn’t a need for shows that were based on true stories. And I am kind of thankful that it is men cheaters, and not women-we don’t need the bad press. Julianna Margulies says the reason that men are the ones caught in cheating scandals is because women have too much going on in their days that they are too tired cheat. That is a good thing, because I don’t think as mothers you would want to look your children in the eye and explain why everything was falling apart.

Be sure to watch the Primetime Emmy Awards on August 29th on NBC to see if Julianna Margulies gets the award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series-and let’s just put it out there that her competition is fierce.